A Halo Easter Egg That Took Years To Discover

The people at Bungie are famous for putting obscure Easter Eggs into their games. Halo's creators have packed the massive sci-fi shooter franchise with all sorts of references and secrets, and fans love finding them.

But sometimes Halo's little secrets are so obscure, nobody ever sees them.

A tipster — who asked that we not use his name — pointed us to an easter egg in the special edition of Halo: Reach that we believe nobody has discovered yet. While it's possible that someone somewhere has stumbled upon it, of course, we couldn't find anyone talking about it on the web anywhere.

Warning: Halo spoilers follow.

The limited edition of Halo: Reach, released in 2010, came with an ID card for scientist Catherine Halsey, an important character in the world of Halo and the creator of the AI bot Cortana. While some people noticed that something was up with the image on the card, nobody noticed one strange secret: if you take a blacklight to it, you can see a strange photo that's sort of half-Halsey, half-Cortana.

Here's the card:

Now take a black light to it and...

Cortana! Cool, right? We'll forgive you for not finding this one, because, really, who owns a blacklight?


    Well, Kotaku does apparently. But what does this mean?!

      triple easter eggs all the way, across the game
      what does it mean?

        It's so intense!

          It's gonna get worse as we go deeper.

            then pull out, so all that's left is....JUST THE TIPP! XD

    I wouldn't really call it an easter egg, if anything it just shows how much effort they put into designing the ID card. It could easily have been found many times its just a question of whether the people who have found it assumed that other people already knew about it.
    Also im a little out of date on the current Halo lore but wasn't Cortana created in Catherine Halsey's image?

    That ain't Cortana, it's just Halsey because 1) Cortana was made in Halsey's image, and 2) She's wearing clothes.

    Very nice find though.

    Cool. But that's Halsey, not too unexpected to have a photo of someone on their ID.

    Cortana was created from Halseys cloned brain and chose her image, a young Dr halsey.
    Hell the big spoiler in the L.E. was that Halsey was Miranda keys's mother, the picture could represent that.

      thanks for the additional spoiler that i wasnt prepared for

        Not really a spoiler.
        Its only mentioned in the Halsey journal that comes with the limited edition and far as know, not referenced in any books. Especially not in the games.
        The canon is getting a bit twisted.

          No offense but you just called it a "big spoiler" in the comment above.

            Non taken. I originally replied as I wasnt sure if it was a positive thanks or sarcasm.
            It felt big in comparison to other goodies in the LE package. Whether or not it is a spoiler I guess can be determined by your own judgement. Not everyone got the LE version so its extra info that can be considered canon but wasnt referenced in the core story line so others might disagree. Its safer to call spoiler than get hammered about it after the fact. Symantics.
            Meh, I just go with it days.

          Umm...it actually is mentioned in one of the books (forgot which one)

    Could also be just another level of authenticity on the ID badge e.g. my ID badge for work has a photo on it, this is simply the futuristic way of ID badge security.

    I've only read the first six. Wasn't mentioned or inferred. But it might have been in glasslands which came out after halo reach.

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    Haha 4 real? myth confirmed, just like that mongoose riding one


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