A Million Dollar Coins To The Man Who Brings This Arcade Game To Australia

I need this game in my life. Galactic Circus, Galaxy World, that other arcade on George Street I sometime go to — it is your responsibility to find this amazing Japanese table flipping simulator and bring it to Australia. Guys, we have to make this happen!

It's a game where you get angry at a bunch of students. You actually physically pound a table in frustration. Then, you flip it! Genius. This is a game that allows you to flip a table.

I need this man. I need this.

Thanks Drew!


    Ha! Was talking about this game on Twitter yesterday. It's great fun, played it in Japan a few years ago. The table-flip shock wave effect is brilliant!

    Kickstarter, GO!

    A million dollars to get this machine to Australia you say??
    You're on, Im going to need a fast ship and twenty of your best men but I recon I can do it by Christmas.

    I'm tempted to venture out into the arcade in the Brisbane CBD to see if they have it.

    Galaxy World george st = dead .. building been on leese for like 4 weeks now lolol
    no more proper arcade in george anymore ..

    timezone at event cinema is too small
    Galaxy World margetsity is more of fun play then a arcade

    what happen to back in the day when there was like atlease 5 big arcade on george..lolol

      It's City Amusements at Market City now. Not Galaxy World anymore.

    This is a virtual replica of how I run the business here! Needs more tears.
    I will try and source it though.

    BWAHAHAHAHA, I need to play this stat! I can imagine it would relieve all of my stress, especially since I'm close to flippin my own work table a coupla times

    Played this in Japan! Oh guys...it's nuts. Its so good.

    I specifically searched the arcades in Japan until I found this when I was there a couple of years ago. Was great fun to play. I especially like the bald cap they had for you to put on so you look like the character in the game.

    Can I have a million $2 dollar coins if I git 'r done...? :p

    "It’s a game where you get angry at a bunch of students."


    Haha, I played this one while I was in Japan. Hilarious. My favourite is the funeral setting, flipping the coffin lol.

    I've played this, it's pretty pretty pretty good.

    vooook! :D
    CATHARSIS NOW! is what i would call the english version :P

    Haven't played this during any of my trips to japan. But my friend who lived there for years once competed in the japanese national "flipping a table in anger" competition.

    A competition where you actually sit at a table and flip it. then you are ranked based on things like anger, style, spread of items from the table and table distance.

    Japan is incredible.

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