A Superhero Movie Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen

Bare man arse. Panty mask. Spinning crotch attacks. WTF? The newly released trailer for HK is really unlike any other superhero movie you'll ever see. Scratch that, it's like anything you'll see. Ever.

First teased late last year, HK is short for Hentai Kamen ("Masked Pervert"), a parody manga featuring a sexed up superhero, who was born from a masochistic cop dad and a sadistic S&M queen mum.

Hentai Kamen is coming to the big screen this April in The Land of the Rising Sun with the Japanese tagline: "It's for the sake of the world. Give your panties to me." (There's an English language tag too: "Panty Bless You.")

The publicity machine is already moving ahead full steam. What looks to be truly odd, somewhat unsettling, and completely NSFW viral marketing for the flick is also underway!

Have a look at the film's first official trailer above, which hit earlier today. If you dare. Dun, dun, dun.

映画「HK/変態仮面」おいなりさんがくっきり強調された予告編ムービー公開 [Gigazine]


    WTF did I just see?

      I don't know but it looks better than the movie I just saw.

      Paranormal Activity 4... Never saw the first 3 had a friend who raves about how awesome they are and watched this with him. On the bright side I now know not to watch the first 3.

    Ladies and gentlemen, Japan.

      Absolutely. Why is it always them who makes these weird movies, games and tv shows ? ? ?

      I love how quirky some of the stuff that comes out of Japan is.

      Granted this is a little odd but it's great how a lot of Japanese movies / TV shows etc. don't take themselves too seriously and/or spend a lot of time justifying how or why something is the way it is.

    Wow. That trailer looked awesome. I might actually give this a go.

    Also, yeah, what the hell?



    Go home Japan, you're drunk

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