About That PS4 Price Rumour...

Japan's Asahi News ran a story overnight on the PS4. It included several things we've heard before, such as how the PS4 will allow you to share things with friends while playing (more here in a previous story) and that it will come with a DualShock 3 shaped controller — which Kotaku previously reported.

(Meanwhile, the Nikkei ran its own story on the PS4, saying what we've previously heard: that it's ditching the Cell processor and is using processors from another company. The Nikkei also added that the PS4 will use the Gaikai cloud service, which shouldn't come as a surprise.)

The original Asahi story goes on to say that the PS4 will launch for the end of year sales war in Japan and the US, and that it looks to be priced over ¥40,000. (That's about $425, but assume it would translate to $400.) There was no specific US/international pricing in the original article. The original Japanese text in the Asahi piece (価格は4万円を超えるとみられる) is rather vague, as "to mirareru" (とみられる) can mean "is believed", "is expected" or even "is considered to be". In short, this seems like speculation. Yet, this is the bit of news everyone is latching on to.

When major Japanese newspapers like Asahi or Nikkei run rumours, they are usually pretty solid. But there's not much here that hasn't already been leaked before. And, like I previously said, the price point doesn't seem rock solid. Remember how much the original PS3 cost? The 20GB version was $US499, while the 60GB version was $US599. Now the Asahi News is saying PS4 will cost over $US400. That's not only kind of vague, but rather obvious!

This afternoon, Sony commented to Famitsu on the Asahi story, saying, "SCE has nothing to announce regarding this matter. No comment even on whether this story is true or false."

For more about the next PlayStation, read Kotaku's previous coverage here and here.

PS4は年内に発売、価格は4万円超え。ネットワーク機能が充実化、年末商戦に投入される見通し [DSPSP初心者講座] 複数メディアが"プレイステーション4"年内発売決定の報道 [ファミ通]


    Reading this from the AU site, all I can say is that it does not matter what it gets released for in the US, or in Japan. I'll happily bet that it won't be released for anything under $800 here in Australia. Which, might I add, is fucking stupid

      If the PS4 is released at $800 here in Australia...then only the hardcore early-adoptors will splash the cash and buy it. hmm...the Xbox 360 on launch day was $499 for the base model and $649 for the premium model (20GB HDD, Perfect Dark Zero, 1 month Xbox Live Gold, Chrome faceplate, wireless controller) whereas the PS3 on launch day was $699 for the 40GB and $999 the 60GB console (mind you by that time, Sony ripped out 2 front USB ports, Memory Card reader and backwards compatiblity)

      I would think the price point for the PS4 would be around $650. due to supected lower production costs (if the PS4 is using PC based hardware)

        This has been no different to every other release though.. so it's not really surprising. Give it 6 to 12 months, keep enjoying your PS3 that is more than capable.. and then when the price does drop, which of course it will, then buy it...

        I'd just like to point out that the PS3 launched after the 360 at around $1,000 and it still sold fairly well. While there's some logic to your argument, history has already indicated that consumers don't act logically.

        XBox came out cheaper and was miles in front on sales figures until someone at Sony thought, "lets see what happens if we give it a reasonable and competitive price". Just do it straight up and we won't have an issue.

        If you remember australian tax than $400 sku + $250 tax = $650 seems a pretty accurate assumption.

        The PS3 cost around $900 IIRC. In fact, it took years to dip down to $500

        NO. The PS3 only launched here as the 60gig version for $999. The after little sales added Resistance and motorstorm in bundle form for $999.00
        About 6 months later they canned the 60gig here and released an 40gig and 80gig without the extra USB ports, card readers and no BW compatibility at the same time as the US who had the console longer than we did in Aus.

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      I assume you're basing that assumption on the PS3 Release? Don't forget that (according to xe.com) in March 07 the Australian dollar was only worth 77 US cents. At the moment our dollar is still worth 2c more than theirs. So unless something tragic happens, at which point you may have more to worry about than the cost of new console, i'd guess that Yes it will be a bit more here than the US/Japan but nothing drastic...

        also have to remember that Sony redesigned the PS3 which removed the extra USB ports and Memory Card Reader (which at the times some people were crying about). In the US on launch day the PS3 was $399 US...

        For me a $600-$650 price point sounds right (lower would be better of course)...anything higher then I would say what I call the "Sony Tax"

        As far as I know, no phat PS3 was redesigned. They all had the usb ports and readers etc etc.

        It was only when the slim came out they removed the 2x ports and readers.

          The V2 Phat 60GB PS3's had 4 USB ports, memory card reader and partial backwards compatibilty (only the original V1 60GB and 20GB PS3's which had full backwards compatibility were sold in the US and Japan and sort-of a collectors item or pay through the nose second-hand) the V3 Phat 40GB and 80GB PS3's had removed 2 USB ports, the memory card reader and backward compatiblity.

          I know this because I own a 40GB PS3...and my friend has the original V1 60GB PS3. he has all that is mentioned...I don't have them but my PS3 CPU and GPU are on a 65nm process (the V1 is a 90nm) and I have less power consumption (280W Max/130W Avg to 380W Max/200W Avg on the V1)

          In terms of smaller nm process and power consumption is more of a evolution but removing features from the PS3 I consider that as a redesign

      EDIT: Bugger, I was replying to garethp and it put my comment as a new one.

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        Psst. This is a reply to garethp.

        EDIT: Not this comment. Your one.

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      I'll take that bet. I'm saying it won't be more than $500-$600 for the basic model in Australia. The dollar has strengthened fairly well since 2007.

      WTF - did it again??! Oh well...

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        If it launches for less than $600, email me at [email address hidden for privacy. Just PM me], and I'll send you $20 in the post or over PayPal, or better yet, I'll gift you a game for that amount over some digital service!

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      Are you serious? It won't be under $800? The Wii U, 3ds and Vita US and Aus prices are are not that different

    so... from all reports a glorified steam box (only with PSN instead of steam), and will likely cost somewhere between 600-1000AUD (depending on how nasty they're feeling when deciding on the amount of Australia Tax to apply).
    With the processor change I would doubt they could do Bachwards Compatibility with anything except PS1, and the games can't be traded in or leant to a friend... Why should I care then???
    (Don't get me wrong, I like sony's previous hardware... I just fail to see a selling point yet, and the change to a more standard processor should make for even fewer exclusives, as it will be easier for the dev to port between it, the XBox, and the PC)

      Fewer exclusives. I doubt it.

      Most of the exclusives for the PS3 are from their first party studios. There are very very few 3rd party exclusives these days.

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