According To This Next Media Animation The PlayStation 4 Will Make You Put A Gun To Your Head!

Next Media Animation has become pretty famous for creating some pretty funny CGI representations of mainstream news events. Yesterday, they totally ripped the arse out of the PlayStation 4.

I don't think it's quite in the same league as the abridged video that's doing the rounds, but I did belly laugh when the guy put the gun to his head for some reason...

Sony PS4 event skewered in animated parody [CNET]


    thats is quite funny, i myself will be buying a ps4, oh and i wouldnt buy a samsung phone, i hate samsung

      Be careful what TV you buy Samsung make the LCD panels in most of them, have done for years. All Sony TV's have used Samsung Panels for a long time.

        my tv is Goldstar (lg 3dtv), i no that Sony uses samsung but i dont ahve to deal with samsung directly that way and crappy samsung products

          I've personally never had a problem with a Samsung product.

          I'm not some blind fanboy who thinks they can do no wrong. But I've never heard of them being shoddy products either.

            i had the galaxy s1, 1 month after i brought it i had to send it back because it kept over heating, then they sent me back another one, that kept over heating aswell

    So does that mean I am playing Persona 3? :-)

    Well if there is one thing I can take away from this video, it is that all PS4's shall ship with a Cylon mode.

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