The Aliens In Colonial Marines Are So Stupid, You Don't Even Need To Shoot Them

Last night, my review briefly touched on the disappointing enemy AI in Aliens: Colonial Marines — often, Xenos would run straight at you. According to this video by PCGamesN, it gets worse.

You can straight up run through the aliens, who forget about you once you're far enough (and by "far enough" I mean "once you're behind them.") Mind: this video is the game on a higher difficulty — 'Hardened'.

I suppose the bright side to this is, if the awful shooting sound effects are driving you up the wall, welp. Maybe you don't have to shoot at all.

Aliens: Colonial Marines - Pacifist Mode [PCGamesN]


    What is the with the terrible CG cut scene at the end? At first I thought this was the console version, but with "press Escape to skip" at the top it's the PC version.

      You can really tell development started on this thing 6 years ago. Seems they didn't bother to upgrade the textures at all from that point. Considering how bad the game supposedly is, it really makes you wonder what the hell they were doing for 6 years.

    Achievement Unlocked!: Live and Let Live - Don't kill a damn thing because shooting blind aliens is bad mmmkay! 1000 Points


    I really hate Bella. Why the hell couldn't they listen to the community when we kept saying "Noooo! No catwalk models, bring us Vasquez!".

      Cause Vasquez got blown the F*** up in Aliens...

    Horrible shooting sounds, clearly you're either an idiot or ignorant of the origin of the pulse rifle and a number of other sound effects used in the game. They're lifted straight from the films! Jesus Patricia! Get your shit together woman...

      From Patricia's review yesterday:

      None of the guns are fun to use, even when you upgrade them. Actually, they can be a major pain. The pulse rifle for example “features” a similar sound to the guns in the movies, but it’s not a pleasant sound. The movies could get away with it because actually, they didn’t feature an extravagant amount of shooting.

      Last edited 13/02/13 11:54 am

        Bullshit they didn't. Aliens Directors Cut (the only version available now, so we go by that), includes MANY scenes of the pulse rifles being fired. Some examples.

        1. The chest bursters attacking Ripley, Hicks uses the pulse rifle to blow them both away.
        2. The room scene when the xenos are in the ceiling. MUCH pulse rifle firing.
        3. The initial venturing into the reactor. When they're told no live ammo. MUCH pulse rifle firing there too. Constant pulse rifle sounds.
        4. The retreat through the airvents had some pulse rifle action.
        5. Ripley invading the queens 'nest'. Ripley went all kinds of apeshit with her pulserifle, when the ammo ran out, grenades, then the flamethrower.

        There's more than that too in the movie. Lots more. It's not constant constant pulserifles wall to wall, but its not 'didn't feature an extravagant amount of shooting'. It's like you've never SEEN Aliens Patricia...

          There was no pulse rifle fire in the reactor because no one had clips. There was plenty of smart gun fire though.

            My apologies if that ones wrong, I'll double check later, but the point still stands there's *plenty* of pulse rifle useage throughout the movie, as well as smartgun and the basic shotgun. Even the simple pistol gets used lol

              No worries, as a massive Aliens fan it's inherent in my nature to be utterly pedantic about these details. Another Aliens game/movie, another major disappointment. Will I ever learn?

      I agree with your point, but there's no excuse for being sexist to make your point.

        Hows he being sexist , he said "get your shit together woman" If it was a bloke he would have said "Get your shit together mate"

        It was jsut a description , nothing sexist in it at all.

          "Get your shit together mate" versus "get your shit together woman"

          .........mate? really? MATE!

          yeah that makes your argument sound so much better!

          stop trying to prove a point and just get your shit together man!

      Literally, not a single human being in the history of the world is an "idiot" when it comes to discussions about pulse rifles. People can however be considered stereotypes of kids who spend too much time posting criticisms on message boards.

    yeah holy shit, the number of people sooking about the gun sounds is ridiculous. It's one of the few things that feel authentic so far.

    My god that is terrible.
    But the gun sounds are awesome.

    I've been playing games since I was 4, so for 24 years and today was the first time I heard a conversation between 2 npcs and actually went "euch, jesus that was bad". That conversation between o'neil and bella? Jesus christ. Won't pick this game up even if it's $5 on steam sale.

      so at 4, 5, 6 hell even 13 you were judging coversations of NPC's in video games?

      You should start a blog.

    Meh, I played the first 4 levels co-op with a friend last night. It's just good dumb fun, I agree the game would seem a turd if played single player.
    Just play it with a friend or 3 and take it off your pile of shame pile and then forget about it.
    Play some Alien vs Predator to get the taste out of your mouth if you feel that strongly about it, the Marine campaign in that is quite good.

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