All This Beautiful Landscape Needs Is An Actual RPG To Play It With

Unigine are a busy little company. It makes games, like 2012 RTS Oil Rush. It makes PC benchmark tools. And it also makes engines.

We're looking at a combination of the latter two here today, as this vdieo takes us on a sweeping tour of an enormous, 64sqkm wooded landscape that looks just perfect for, say, something like a big fantasy RPG.

What's cool is that, unlike more passive benchmarks, this acts as a demo for the engine itself, letting you either walk or fly around the environment in real time.

You can grab a free version below.

Valley Benchmark [Uningine]


    So Basically Skyrim with all the visual mods added.

      It actually still looks better then Skyrim + all mods.

    Very nice!

    Stunning. Except for the parts in the video where it's flying towards what appears to be grass - only for it suddenly and spontaneously sprout flowers. (I know there are hardware limitations and my machine is by no means a beast but I'd prefer to see something (like flowers, grass etc.) in the distance become clearer as I approach - not magically appear when I'm 'close enough.'

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