Almost Fifteen Minutes Of Footage From The Full DayZ Game

DayZ's developers are being refreshingly open about the game's development, and that attitude continues with this 14-minute video presentation from creator Dean Hall and Bohemia Interactive's Matthew Lightfoot.

It's rough, and it's early, and that's exactly the way these videos should be.



    Good work NZ, and Rocket. can't wait to play this.

    Far those models and clothing look amazing, even at this stage! There is nothing like it really! Wow!

    I can't wait for this game. It has so much potential with official servers and microtransactions.

      Not sure if serious. There will be no microtransactions in this game. A one off payment has been stated time and time again.

    Yes, but will it be as amazing as The War Z...?

    jk :p

      OH, lol i saw the first part of the comment and was like FUUUUUUU!!! lol CAN"T WAIT

      Wow 4chan good ideas? lol

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