An Artist's Impression Of The PlayStation 4

We know, for the most part, what's inside the PlayStation 4. We even know what the controller is going to be like. But until February 20 rolls around, we're probably not going to see what Sony's latest console looks like.

To fill in the gaps, then, comes designer Gavin Ringquist, who has mocked up just about everything you need to know about the PS4's exterior, from the console to the controller to an ad campaign right down to logos, a website redesign and box art.

Will it be better than Sony's own efforts? The weird thing is it could go either way. The Vita is gorgeous. The new slimline PS3? Hideous. The original PS3 logo? Commandeered from a movie. The redesign? A welcome return to tradition. So, yeah. Toss a coin!

PlayStation 4 [Gavin Ringquist, thanks James!]


    "With Front And Rear Touch" is just...creepy.

    Oh, wait, Japan. Never mind.

      maybe the word 'pad' got lost in translation?

    I don't think I like the all smooth controller, as I think if it's a touch pad with three dispersed douch buttons you'll be inadvertently pausing all the damn time.

      Indeed... Those... Douche buttons SHALL be interesting! :O

        Well, that was a freudian fuckup.

        Leaving it intact for fun.

          lol made even better by

          you'll be inadvertently pausing all the damn time.

          "Oooooh noooooo I hit the douche button... UNNNGGGG!"

            Press start to begin.

              To soon to be playstation 4 owners and the notion of these.. douche buttons. I give you this quote.

              "Give him an enema - It'll give him a sense of fulfillment"

    Not sure if it will be completely square...just looks like a modernized PS2 to me.

    Why don’t you do an article every minute based on an artist impression on what might be, based on real facts.
    Here is mine
    I even stood it on its end for a PS2 style link.
    If I was spending $500+, I know which I would choose, yep the red and white one.

    Touchpad feels like it will be as bad and pointless as the SIXAXIS

    My first thought when looking at the box art was - Apple product?
    I then looked at that "Four" font and made a sad face.

    Why are we getting so many artist impressions of the damn PS4? I want to know what the specs are not what it looks like. Sony have always made the thing look decent enough.

    Bring back the colored ps logo

    people take this stuff way too seriously... we have no idea how it'll look yet... just wait another 13 n a bit days :P

    i dont think it looks too bad at all - much better than the ps3 bbq

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