An Elderly Woman Thrashing Dragon Quest X On Japanese TV

It's not everyday you see senior citizens talking role-playing games. It's not everyday you see them thrashing one of them on Japanese television. In primetime.

Famed Japanese actress Keiko Awaji, with credits in movies like Akira Kurosawa's Stray Dog, is a huge Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy fan. Did I say "huge"? I meant HUGE.

Back in 2009, the then 73-year-old Awaji said she wanted to play Dragon Quest IX before she died. She got that wish and has made it to see Dragon Quest X: Online — a game she hates. Did I say "hates"? I meant HATES.

Last year, she complained about Dragon Quest X during a televised interview, saying how she did not enjoy the online portion of the game. "Playing video games by yourself is fine!" she said at the time. "What do you need someone else for?"

While on recent primetime variety show, Awaji once again put Dragon Quest X firmly in her sights, while talking to a celeb named Daigo.

"I don't think there are 80-year-old grannies who said "shit" when Dragon Quest X became an online game," said Awaji.

After Daigo asked her about DQX going online, she replied, "I hate it so much. It's no good." She followed that up, with a, "It definitely won't sell."

What's amusing is that the show put a little asterisk up after she said that text noting that it was her own personal opinion! Though it does seem to be the opinion of enough fellow gamers in Japan, where the game hasn't met sales expectations. Having people go on TV and talk about why they hate the game doesn't help!

To Awaji's credit, she did gush about how great Dragon Quest VIII was for about 15 minutes. And after that, she talked about Final Fantasy's Chocobos for another 10 minutes. She's only hating on Dragon Quest X: Online because she cares!

淡路恵子さん、ゴールデン番組でドラクエ・FFを語る『ドラクエ8が一番いい』 [へちま速報]


    Yay! Stop making my fave RPGs into MMOs already!

    I agree with her so much. I hate MMOs, and I don't care for multiplayer, and Dragon Quest is one of my all time favourite franchises. I kinda' hope that this game flops on Wii U, because it'll be less likely for them to make another Dragon Quest MMO.

    I'm starting to appreciate co-op RPGs more these days. There's a lot of fun to be had running around with a few of your mates, hacking and slashing and shooting but beyond that point it seems to just lose all charm. Even if you have a party option, MMOs seem to just lose that spark.

    Remember that other beloved JRPG series that came out with a MMO and failed miserably, Final Fantasy?

      As far as I know, FF11 is still popular as ever. Its also coming out with a 5th expansion.

      XD I knew you meant 14:p

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