An Idea Of What A Future Link And Zelda Could Look Like

Let's close our eyes and dream that after post-apocalyptic waterworlds, train rides and gritty cowboy tales Nintendo gets even braver and pushes the Legend of Zelda series into the future.

Hoverboards, Robopona, the Master LightSword, the works.

What could Link and Zelda look like? Well, they could look a lot worse than these ideas by artist Dan Jones.

Future Zelda! [Dan Jones — thanks Brett!]


    I have been saying this for years that jump would be awesome !!!

    Last edited 07/02/13 7:25 am

    Whilst i don't doubt the talent fo the artist, that particular style does not appeal to me for a Zelda game.

    A talented artist, but keep him/her the fuck away from Zelda.
    If Zelda turned into this, I would never play it again.

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