Anti-Gun People Who Mocked Me Live In Fantasy Land, Don’t Know How To Apologise

Anti-Gun People Who Mocked Me Live In Fantasy Land, Don’t Know How To Apologise

The popular, left-leaning Facebook group that mistook me for a gun nut last month has pulled the image of me that they put on their site. They actually pulled it on Monday, shortly after I ran an article illustrating the hilarious cluelessness of many of the Facebook page’s users — many of whom thought I was holding a real gun, not a prop gun tied to the Halo video game and then extrapolated that I was a possibly dangerous gun nut who was, well, overcompensating.

They pulled the image on Monday, but they have yet to respond to my Facebook messages to them. Their page, which still has the wonderfully ironic name of “Republican Bigotry Hate Fear Lies and Distortion“, was swarmed by readers of my article who did post about the article and had a good laugh at how foolish these folks looked. (I screencapped some of the blowback the page got; those comments were deleted when the original image post about me was removed.)

I wasn’t looking for an apology from them, but I was looking for a response. I’d wanted to know how they’d found my image and why they posted it.

The only sign of a reply had been a new post — which they’ve also since pulled but that I can show you at the top of this article. It included the photo of me again, this time coupled with more editorializing. They wrote:

What is more pathetic, someone who posts a picture of themselves with a replica of an oversized gun from a video game on the internet for attention, or the same person who cries about another page exposing him for the same reason… Looks like someone cannot take sarcasm then has his cronies stalk them on a daily basis.

Oh, it was just a joke! And I’m a gaming dork. And… and… these people still don’t get it, not even when confronted with an actual explanation of the photo in the form of my article.

Two people who have tried to post about my article on that Facebook page tell me their comments have been deleted and that they’ve been banned from commenting.

Thus ends this week’s lesson in how crowds of people on any side of a heated debate include any number of people who don’t mind publicizing their ignorance. It seems the people running that page would rather hide their mistakes than talk through them or learn from them. How hard it is, I guess, to assume someone is your enemy and not know how to back down from them. What could have been a dialogue instead was all of this. What a pity.

(A special thank you to Andrew, for capping the image at the top of this post for me before it too was taken down.)


    • I agree, but it isn’t their fault. Societies around the world are structured to condition the masses this way from a young age so they are easier to manipulate and control.

      Still, it’s rather annoying that these primitives are holding the rest of us back.

    • This is real gold isnt it. Might as well call the ocean an idiot barrier after reading the viewing that facebook page. Its times like these that I wish I had grand powers over the internet.

  • I’m assuming these guys have never held a fake gun? I mean they’re not geeks so they mustn’t have ever been taken to Laser Force as children.

    • Laser Quest where I used to live in the states. That place was awesome. Naturally, the anti-concept lunatics were afraid of people even using the words “shoot” or “kill” or whatever, and insisted on “tag” in their place.

      Of course, we have to remember that these agents of justice are simply doing their job. Obviously, it’s not social intolerance combined with weaponry that results in public shootings. It’s pictures of things that look like guns.

      Why, this one time I was near an airport, say within about 20 miles, and I found a stick shaped vaguely like a rifle. Needless to say, all outgoing flights were frozen once I contacted the authorities. You can never be too careful. Any number of delinquents could have found that stick and poorly pretended at being some sort of wooden terrorist.

  • Let’s not tar everyone with the same brush. Some people are game enthusiasts who like gun replicas, and they’re not crazed gun-loving maniacs. Some people are idiots who mistake gaming geeks for gung-ho spree killers in the making. Some people can’t swallow humble pie and admit their mistakes.

    But most people are not like that. Don’t let the vocal minority colour your perceptions of those people who have enough common sense not to get into rabid arguments about noise vs noise.

    Having said that, if you’ve been an idiot and you want people to think you have the moral high ground, apologise to the poor shmuck you’ve just vilified, who was just having a bit of fun with a gaming replica. Otherwise you just look like a tool.

  • This is why I’m going to stop using Facebook. The amount of pages based around the purpose of harassment of individuals is phenomenal. Just annoying.

    • 2-3 yrs now since i ‘quit’ (i.e. ‘delete’ all the content/posts/links to you, or as much as you can, then disable your account) Facebook. You don’t miss it, and only occasionally get annoyed when someone sends you a Facebook link to a real-life URL.

    • Yeah, what ibbers said. Do it, man.
      I was late to the party, so I didn’t understand what the hell everyone was on, but when I signed up because a girlfriend insisted, I was almost immediately inundated with invites to all kinds of shit I wanted nothing to do with, and the next few months were an exercise in ignoring all kinds of intrusions on my sanity.

      Baby pictures, philosophical quotes, polls to identify what kind of cartoon character I was, invites to join mafias and vampire syndicates, pokes, ‘gifts’ which were little better than clip-art and couldn’t have anything done with them, reading bland status updates about acquaintances getting drunk, pictures of folks whose faces were mostly obscured by giant fly-eye sunglasses, grinning stupidly in front of monuments or mountains, 3am cries for help via status update, passive-aggressive comments trying to elicit interest in drawing them out of their huff, invites from complete randoms who I’ve never met (quite possibly stalkers/BFFs of the chicks I was seeing. “Who’s THIS guy who’s crassly violating my long-term impossible crush, and what’s HIS deal?!”), squabbles between siblings, requests to join ‘groups’ such as the group of people against breast cancer (517,483 members, $3.75 raised)… Not to mention all the time you have to spend hypervigilantly untagging yourself from any photo anyone posts ever. Now whenever a chick is into you she asks if you have a facebook. What this means is that she wants to facestalk you instead of dating. Yeah… No. You want in on this ride, you pay full admission fee. Christ.

      No. Life is much better without the horrible thing. I have a fakebook, in the name of a video game character, for anything which fucking INSISTS I offer up a handle. Otherwise? Blissful, blissful silence. Facebook is just noise. Nothing more.

    • Or, more precisely, people that join a cause only for the validation and sense of superiority they get from pointing fingers. They are not really interested in open discussion or in the betterment of the world. Hell, they are not even being interested in their cause to succeed: If everybody suddenly agreed with them they couldn’t feel special any longer.

      From this people, my son, flee.

  • It isn’t that surprising to see them go defensive after the first story you wrote, even though they got the facts wrong first time around.

    And whether the gun is real or not, you can make a case that images like this glamorise guns.

  • …crowds of people on any side of a heated debate include any number of people who don’t mind publicising their ignorance.
    I’d hazard a guess that there are probably a few more idiots on the NRA’s side of America’s gun control debate.

  • I despise all the Facebook groups and like farmers who grab an image and try to use it to further their agenda regardless of the context or authenticity of the photo. I dislike them mainly cause my less Internet savvy family members seem to get fooled by the whole ‘it’s on the Internet it must be true’ mentality.

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