Are Sai Cooler Than Nunchaku? Better Rewatch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I was in third grade when I first heard that they were making a live-action version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My tiny little third-grader brain couldn't process it. This was well before I was cynical enough to start immediately complaining about how they were going to ruin everything — I was just gobsmacked at the very notion.

"Hey dude, this is no cartoon," the marketing materials said. Hey dude, indeed.

Over at Comics Alliance, they're rewatching the 1990 cult-classic and writing about the film as they watch. It is a very entertaining trip down memory lane. Remember the part where the foot clan all gang up on Raphael, and he falls to them because he's all alone? Man. Emotions in my third-grade heart.

Hope you are all doing well, and had an enjoyable weekend. Any big plans for the coming week? Feel free to debate turtles, weaponry, or anything else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have good chatting.


    Holy shit... 23 years...

      Oh no.. I rekon my grandma took me and my cousin to see this. How can it be that long ago?

    The original TMNT movie was the awesomesauce. The 2nd one wasn't too bad either. The third


        This was my ringtone about 2 months back :D

          I heard Vanilla Ices 'nu metal' versions a few years back. I wanted to shoot myself... Lol

            Ice Ice baby 2000 :)

      Awwwwwww.... I liked the third one

        There's something wrong with you...

        The third Turtles movie was a major turning point for me, it was the first time in my life I walked out of a theatre deeply unsatisfied with what I just saw. It's weird being able to remember the exact point where you first started to develop taste.

        The first movie, still awesome.

          When you looked at the suits and said 'wow! Theyre SO SHIT!' I felt the same way.

            When I saw that 3rd one had the same actors in it I was like hell yeah!
            Then I saw the costumes.. I was like Aw HELL NO!

              Rofl! I remember the same reaction... Feldman again! YEAH! Shitty turtle suits? NAWWWW!

    Still holds up pretty well, atleast last time I watched. That scene with April talking about the turtles bond, sketching them and all that was really compelling to five year old D.C... :P

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      I watched it around two years ago with my son, we both love the first Ninja turtles movie, adore it. Have it on dvd. The first movie STILL holds up *amazingly* well. The bit where they're recouping at the farmhouse, it's insanely good. The only bit that gets a bit dodgy is where Mikeys spinning the nunchucks on his finger and thanks to the magic of HDTV you can now tell its actually spinning ABOVE his finger lol

      I still watch it regularly. Love it to bits.

      Highest grossing independent film of all time (in its time anyway, not sure if that still holds), and deservedly so! :)

        Yep, watched all 3 in a row and then "who framed roger rabbit" all in the same day about 2 months back, was epic :D

    Strange link to bizarro-TAY D:

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    Nunchaku are better:
    1. They're not as easily lost.
    2. You can use them in pre-fight skill contests.

      For style: nunchuks > every other weapon.
      For substance: nunchuks < every other weapon.

    PS Pizza dude's got 30 seconds.

      Old wise man say pizza delevered in 30 minutes or its free.

        Never pay full price for late pizza....

          Your standing on it dude...

    The correct order is: Bo, Katana, Sai, Camera, and then nunchucku. Bloody things hit you as often as they hit the opponent. No way they aren't some April fools joke gone wrong.

      As someone who spent years learning how to use the Nunchucku correctly, you NEVER hit yourself when you know what your doing, fluid motions is where its at, you move with the swing.

    Both options are irrelevant, everyone knows the coolest weapon in the movie was a hockey stick.

    Ninja kick the damn rabbit!

    It's a trick question because Donatello is the best turtle and the Bo is the best weapon. Ever play TMNT on the NES? You get the best reach with the Bo for maximum damage dealing. For anyone who even thinks the TMNT3 movie was half way decent, watch the Angry Video Game Nerd's review on it.

      Someone after my own heart, Don by far the best in all regards.

    I hate punkers

    With most things you enjoy as a kid than watch it again as an adult. You realise you disappointment. The first Ninja turtle movie was anything but that. Watching it again so many years later. I find myself enjoying it a lot more as well as understanding a lot more detail. It was very well made. It seems to me that there won't be anything to top this movie for a long while forTMNT. The third movie was always crap in my eyes. Second was ok. The material i saw for a cancelled 4th sounded disappointing, Not looking forward to the new version coming out by Bay either.

    The CGI TMNT movie was pretty darn good too! It was basically a sequel to the 3 live action films.

    Get onto the Nicklodeon CGI series that's airing. It's brilliant.

    - Ahh a fellow chuker aye...

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