As Of Today, R18+ Games Can Be Sold In QLD

When it was finally announced that R18+ legislation had been passed in Queensland, there was only one step left to take before the new legislation finally came into being — the Governor of Queensland had to sign off on the act. Now we can officially announce that the Classification of Computer Games and Images and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2013 has been signed. R18+ games can now officially be bought and sold in QLD.

It's been a particularly long road for gamers in Queensland, but this is perfect timing. The first R18+ game is due to go on sale March 7. If retailers get themselves into gear, you may be able to buy the game in your home state!

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    "As Of Today, R18+ Games Can Be Solid In QLD" what is solid??? hehe

    As Of Today, R18+ Games Can Be Solid In QLD

    Both the articles title and post on Twitter is misspelt. Might want to edit those. And this is great news. Living in NSW it didn't mean much to me, but at least now we're all treated equally when it comes to video games and what we are allowed to play.

    Proof reading is too mainstream these days.

    Urgh! Fixed! In too much of a rush to get this one out!

    WHOA! When I heard the news, I nearly crashed my horse and cart into one of those new fangled telegraph poles!

    Read this and then checked my emails. Message from Fishpond saying a number of games were reduced including Mortal Kombat for Xbox 360. It's down to $12.00 and apparently ships from a local supplier.

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