Australian Police Raid The Man Responsible For The Microsoft Durango Leak

Dan 'SuperDAE' Henry is the man responsible for some of the initial leaked details on Microsoft's Durango, supplying documentation to Kotaku US, but now it appears as though Western Australian police have raided his home. A leaked warrant, on The Tech Game, reveals that items were seized by the police.

We confirmed with Western Police representatives that items were seized as part of an investigating into Dan Henry by the Technology Crime Investigation Unit. They provided no further information.

It began with this tweet...

The warrant, as posted by The Tech Game reveals that the 'Computer Crime Squad' raided Henry on suspicion of 'unlawful use of a computer'.

According to The Tech Game's report, eight police officers and one FBI Agent were involved in the raid. Unused computers and mobile phones were taken and Henry's bank accounts were frozen.

We've gotten in contact with Dan Henry, hopefully we'll have more on this soon.

FBI Down Under: Superdae Raided Over Durango [The Tech Game]


    He was probably in the worst country to leak information at, the Police didn't even need to give him that warrant they could of just barged in and grabbed whatever they want.

    I suppose now considering what happend the information he leaked is now definately true?

      Certainly sounds like it - though it was always pretty likely because he clearly had access to their dev docs.

      they would of had a warrant, only reason they would come into someone's house is if that person gave them permission to enter the house, or that person is on probation.

    I lol'd at the tweet.

      6 favourites, those guys his enemies?

    You tax dollars at work, folks! Idiots. If they had left it alone nobody would have known for sure if the details were correct, but now we know they are. Why dont people attempt to cover ftheir asses well enough? Its like they want to get caught.

      Cool, guess that means if I break into your house and rob you, it's your fault. Should have covered your ass more. It's like you wanted to get robbed.

    This is positive, but I wonder how far this will go - will the receivers/publishers of the illegally disclosed material also be persued?
    With the amount of money involved in new consoles, I hope ol' Dan is ready for some jail-time.

    Yeah, because causing any sort of slightly damaging PR that could maybe influence profits of a company is a criminal offence.

      This has nothing to do with PR ego bruising. This is not a case of whistleblowing or Wikileaks material for the betterment of mankind etc either. It looks like a straight up case of theft of intelectual property. Corporations don't like you stealing their stuff.

        Exactly! Releasing this information has nothing to do with how it makes MS look, but rather what advantages this give competitors. Points of uniqueness are where the new console wars are fought, with game line-up running a close second. So anything that tips the hand of one player is going to definitely benefit (to the potential tune of millions) the other(s).

    So no-one's worried that a corporation seems to have the local police out doing its bidding AND the FBI somehow magically have jurisdiction in Australia? Well, okay then. As you were.

      FBI = cyber terrorism/crime...
      of course if he was in china... they'd be putting him up and paying his bills

      Corporate espionage is very big business. Millions are spent on RnD and to have someone break in, steal your inforamtion and then post it to the world costs these companies millions of dollars.

      Imagine you are hard at work building the latest and greatest 1:1 scale model of the Deathstar in your garage, all of your neighbours are asking what you are doing, but you keep it a secret so you can suprise the neighbourhood with your acheivement. But before you can, someone breaks in takes photos, steals your plans and publishes it on the local Church Bulletin board for all the neigbhood to see. I think you would be more than annoyed that all your hard, secret work is now ruined and that kid down the road now knowing what you know will go build a better one than yours, using all your hard work as a blueprints.

      As for a corporation "using" the police force as a private army...I think you'll find that corporations have lawyers and warrants are the leagal way of obtaining what you need (so they have gone through all the correct channels). The FBI agent is most likely there due to it being "on paper"theft from "american soil" and come under US Federal law. Remeber Nintendo has a partneship with...I think it is either with the NSW or VIC police to crackdown stop pirating of Wii and DS games, as Aust is one of the largest piraters' of said games.

        sorry mate, i got to the bit about building my own deathstar, realised i was going to need a bigger shed... and headed to bunnings...
        but i agree. stealing bad.
        (in reality i was making a joke about this:

    LOL, eight police officers and one FBI agent.

    Who writes these stories? FBI agents in Australia haha... I bet he had a big gun too!

    Y'all are assuming he got raided over the act of leaking information It's entirely possible - and much more likely - that it's something unrelated such as unauthorised entry into a sytem, pirated material, or kiddy porn.

      Ahh, that old chestnut. I wonder if Microsoft slips the cops a big enough tip, they'll be able to find some on his drives where there wasn't any before... Planting dime-bags, gone digital.

    If this was a hack and stolen information then MS should be ashamed of their poor security, not pursuing someone like this over something that he may have done.

      I don't think you can hack into a computer and download a Durango dev kit... Downloading cars, yes. Dev kits, no.

    Ah man,

    The police have too much time on their hands, raiding a f**king house just for leaking some details on Xbox 720.

    Don't you love what law is now?

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