Behind The Scenes Of How A Game Like Crysis 3 Is Built

Behind The Scenes Of How A Game Like Crysis 3 Is Built

Whether or not you like the Crysis series, it’s hard to argue against the fact they look rather pretty. The CryENGINE is a pretty spectacular piece of kit and this demo, presented by Crytek’s Sean Tracy takes us through some of the engine’s latest features.

I found that, despite the fact I know zip zero about games development, I was pretty engaged by this — purely because it’s interesting to see precisely what goes into building game environments. Well worth watching for anyone interested in getting into development, or anyone interested in this sort of technology.

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  • sure beats moving sprites on C64 back in the day… everyone should be forced to watch this stuff before complaining about $60 games… 😉

        • I wish. I mean, I buy my games from an American Amazon account when I can (Thank you Amazon for selling Steam serials), but unless you wait 12 months for a $40 drop, there’s no options. Buying from America won’t work, as NTSC games can’t play on PAL consoles. Then again, I get most of my games from Steam Sales, so I’m okay with that

          • I buy from the UK. Most new releases and pre-orders are around $60-65. Happy to give a shout-out to

          • When you calculate the exchange rate, not to mention shipping, doesn’t it come to about the same to buy from the UK?

          • Well no because ozgameshop os in Aussie dollars and alot of times postage is free and if not it is only $6-7.

            most games on release are rarely over $89 from jb or bigw and most times they are more like $79 I don’t mind paying the $15 over ozgameshop to not have to wait a week but if its a saving of $30+ then I’ll put yo with the week wait. People that complain about $100+ games should just stop shopping at ebgames for a start as they are a rip! If you don’t know how to shop around then you deserve to be paying $100/game

          • The prices I quoted are what I pay in Australian dollars and that place does free shipping. No catch. I’ve been buying pretty much exclusively from them for about two years now (apart from games on Steam and GoG). Shipping takes a bit of time, but I think it’s worth it.

  • They prepare a list of innovative gameplay and graphics features, then stick it in a filing cabinet and forget about it because they remember they’re making this one for console too.

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