Borderlands Legends Is Better (And Cheaper) Than Ever Before

Borderlands Legends Is Better (And Cheaper) Than Ever Before

When making a mobile spin-off of a major console/PC game, one neat thing to include would be some equivalent of the most popular features of the franchise proper. There were no gun loot drops in Borderlands Legends for the iPhone and iPad. Now there are.

Part strategy, part shooter and part action RPG, Borderlands Legends‘ big update adds the ability to loot random weapons from fallen foes instead of having to purchase them from a vendor between missions. The rest of the updates are just icing on the cake, and the $0.99 sale price that’s kicked in to celebrate the update is a bunch of lovely ripe strawberries sliced in half and arranged in an appealing pattern on top.

Technically it’s been $0.99 on sale before, but you’ve never gotten quite this much for your money.

Borderlands Legends [iTunes App Store]


  • A lot of people have said the controls are really bad and its a boring game. So any addition would make the game better? I decided it wasn’t worth it.. And I still don’t think it is.

    But then again, $1 isn’t really going to break the bank.

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