Brutal... Brilliant... And Coming Out Who Knows When

The moody, gritty PC/PS3/Xbox 360 shooter Metro: Last Light was supposed to come out in early 2013. Then Metro's publisher, THQ fell apart.

Metro will eventually be released by new publisher Deep Silver. For now, it's still possible to see taxis in Manhattan topped with these ads. Their prominence is fading, as the ads cycle out. But if you look closely, you'll see a THQ logo in the bottom right corner.

I shot this photo last night. It's a vestige of what was in an ad for a game that we'll play who knows when.


    I really hope this game comes out, it was one of the few I was looking forward to.

    Metro 2033 was one of the best games ever made. Only game where the stealth was 100% spot on. However I just recently uninstalled 'LOTR - War in the North' because the stuttering towards the end crashed the game. No fix, no patch, Deep Silver totally abandoned the entire game.
    Deep Silver is not a good sign for the Metro series.

    As long as I can get my hands on it this year, I'll be happy.

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