Bungie's Destiny Is Coming To PS4

Destiny will be out for PlayStation 4, Activision announced today. Both the PS3 and PS4 versions will launch simultaneously.

You can see new, brief clips of in-game footage in the video above.

For more on the new first-person shooter/MMO, check out our coverage from earlier this week.


    And to PS3 (so probably 360 too), meaning it's a totally uninteresting announcement, imo.

    I must admit. Its exciting to see Destiny will be on PS4. Im a Halo / Xbox fanboy at heart.

    But being on 360 and PS3 as well, what sacrifices will there be to the graphics? Will PS3 and PS4 versions of the game be able to interact / play with each other? Would the same go with XB360 + the new Xbox? (I am going to call it the NeXtBox)

    Is this their (Bungie) way of achieving a so called 10 year lifespan, by making it crossover two generations of consoles?

    Did they say it was coming out for Ps3 and the 360 or playstation and xbox?

      On the Destiny website. http://www.destinythegame.com

      under the preorder button you can currently Pre order it for either PS3 or Xbox

      Earlier this week it was announced it would be out on both Playstation and Xbox. All that was said at the PS4 event was the PS version will get exclusive content. That's it. It's not a PS exclusive game.

        goddamn it. if the exclusive content thing is true then why? they release at the same time. i can just understand it if its released later but it should still be a dlc or something (damn u tales of vesperia).

        unless this is exclusive content in the way some fighting game (i forgot the name, think it was soul caliber) gave yoda to xbox and darth vader to play station

          I would think it would be exclusive trophies and maybe some skins or starting gear, nothing end-game.

    I would guess that the PS4 version will be a higher-res version of the game, maybe a little extra visual sorcery, but essentially the same experience. Which brings me to my next point - with (likely, and at least) four platforms supported, how are they going to handle the "persistent world" aspects of the game? Are there going to be four separate worlds running independently of each other? Or will Bungie collate the major developments from those independent worlds and implement them all into one big "development" which gets uploaded to all four? I haven't done a great job of explaining myself, but I'd be interested to know how they're going to handle the different platforms.

    Fingers crossed it doesn't control as clunky as Halo does in comparison to some of the other fps games that are out these days

    It's so annoying that you watch all these things and there's no giant jeap. Cryengine 3 looks better than this.

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