Can The Razer Gaming Tablet Handle Crysis 3? See For Yourself.

The Razer Edge is a gaming PC stuffed into a tablet, but how much of a gaming PC? Enough to play Crysis 3, which seems like plenty.

This video, shared via Razer's official Twitter, shows "the intern" playing Crysis 3 with his handlebars. His handlebars. His handlebars. He can play Crysis 3 with his handlebars. His handlebars. His handlebars.

You know, they're starting to grow on me.


    There is a lot of response delay and cant tell how many fps its getting from the vid.

      I'm not seeing any response delay from the controls themselves, but it'd be more likely related to low fps due to the settings. One thing we do need to know, is what settings its being played on?

    It looks playable, but it also looks like the tablet is having trouble running it. Which is fine, it is a tablet - it's impressive that it can run Crysis 3 at all. But I'm not giving up my PC for this tablet anytime soon.

    that actually looks stupidly awkward to play... unless u can rest it on your gut/waste like this guy its just going to be a pain to play on... also being so big the controls are very far apart... i find it disorientating on the wii u sometimes... this thing will be crazy compared to that

    So I haven't been following this thing much...
    I don't see my self every getting one, but what's the battery like? I can imagine playing Crysis 3 would give you a massive 2 hours battery life tops.

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