Capture The Flag While Riding Dirt Bikes In Battlefield 3's End Game

Hungry for some nostalgic action? The newest Battlefield 3 DLC, End Game, has the answer. The game's fifth expansion sees the return of two classic game modes — Capture the Flag and Air Superiority — and also introduces the dirt bike for some high-speed, bazooka-wielding truck-shooting action.

Check out the trailer above for a glimpse into some high-octane Capture the Flag gameplay.

The action-driven, all-out warfare gameplay in Battlefield 3™ gets a massive boost this March as gamers engage in high-speed combat across four distinct maps in the all-new Battlefield 3™: End Game digital expansion pack. Players can race through enemy lines using the new dirt bike, bringing speed and agility to the battlefield, or fight back aerial assaults with the new lightweight AA vehicles. Coordinate lightning fast attacks and defenses or take to the sky and engage in massive dog fights in the return of the two classic Battlefield game modes — Capture the Flag and Air Superiority. Buckle up, it's time for battle!

The pack will be available March 2013.

Battlefield 3: End Game Capture the Flag Gameplay Premiere [YouTube]


    Trailer looks cool, but why do they feel the need to showcase a randy support player who can't even ads, mowing down heaps of guys.

    Nice. Apart from the Aftermath one, these trailers have all been pretty awesome,

    So far, each expansion has been better than the last (IMO) and hopefully that continues. Although I do love the Aftermath expansion.

    Has Battlefield ever had a capture the flag game mode?

      1942 and Battlefield 2 had it.

        Huh, I played a ton of BF2 but never saw it, only conquest modes.

    Looks cool, however the map on the ground looks incredibly boring. I thought capture the flag often involved stealth and working your way to the flag and back.

    Not just having a road between the flags in the middle of open desert.

    Since it's the last DLC I hope there's a map with every vehicle on it. That would be sweet

    Looks good, but if previous bf3 dlc is anything to go by, good luck finding a server running one of the new maps.

    That looked awesome! Reminded me of Mad Max.

    Reminds me of BF2! Might have to redownload my copy.

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