Check Out Final Fantasy X: HD Version For The PS Vita

Check Out Final Fantasy X: HD Version For The PS Vita

Sony and Square Enix last night showed off images of Final Fantasy X, the HD version for the PS Vita. Here are the HD character models for FFX’s Tidus and Yuna.

Note that they were taken from a standard definition stream and are not in HD.

The HD version of Final Fantasy X was first announced way back at the 2011 Tokyo Game Show for the PS3 and the Vita. Last year, Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama indicated that the game was a while off saying, “Regarding HD conversions, there is a lot to look into, so please wait a bit more.”


Game producer Shinji Hashimoto from Square Enix apologised for the long wait, adding that they were concentrating on developing the HD version properly for the Vita and the PS3, aiming to do the best HD version possible. No release date was given tonight, but Hashimoto said the game’s release date announcement would be coming shortly and told everyone to “wait for that”.


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    • It says they are developing a PS3 version, they just only showed it on the Vita, I’m guessing so they can help hype the system.

    • Game producer Shinji Hashimoto from Square Enix apologised for the long wait, adding that they were concentrating on developing the HD version properly for the Vita and the PS3, aiming to do the best HD version possible.

      Vita & PS3.

    • It’s funny because I give nintendo fans crap for doing exactly this. Ignoring their own systems then jumping in when some big title (zelda/metroid/smash bros) hits. But… I get it.

      We all know how it works now, there’s no reason to get a system until there’s something on it you really want to play. I thumped the 3DS when it was released but I own one now and I’m quite happy with it (April for fire emblem in Australia? F you). I will likely do the same with the Vita in the future if the library gets up to snuff/Sony don’t implode.

      • Hmm… let me think my consoles that I bought purely for 1 game in particular (obviously got more later on)

        Gameboy Colour for Pokemon
        Gameboy Advance for Pokemon
        Gameboy Advance SP (i had to get an upgrade ;)) for Pokemon
        3DS for Zelda
        Gamecube for Zelda
        Wii for Zelda (was super excited to try motion controls too)
        PS3 for Final Fantasy (well before FF actually came out)
        PS Vita for Final Fantasy (soon)

        I think the main drive to buy a new console is always because you’re looking forward to a game in particular. I don’t regret a single one of those purchases too!

        Fire Emblem delay is frustrating, do you know if they’re actually localising it to have correct spelling at least?
        It’s annoying how the 3DS is region locked, would have imported ages ago (cheaper too -_-)

      • Yea your right, off the top of my head I can’t really think of any long running franchise that keeps it innovative and fresh. Pretty sad really.

      • There are 5 full FPS Halo games ( ODST is dlc purchased in disc form). Took 12 years to release them all. Hell if Reach wasn’t made which is only Halo fps I dislike, there would be a game every 3 years. Currently it’s only at a game every 2.5 years on average. Halo isn’t Cod or Assassins Creed, you don’t have to enjoy it but it’s stupid of people to claim it’s being milked. It lacks yearly releases and it retains it’s quality unlike other the prior mentioned milked francises. I’m not a Nintendo fan so not sure about Mario being milked, maybe a little but it has innovated a ton in several different genres.

        • 5 FPS games, so we aren’t going to acknowledge the other turdtastic halo games? and we are going to call an entire game dlc and say that they arent milking the series, not to mention they jumped the franchise over to another developer just to keep it going

          • I did acknowledge the one other fps that was released on disc. ODST is widely accepted as being far to small in game length and features to be considered anything more then overpriced disc dlc. Games often change developers with sequels and considering Halo 4 was able to retain it’s quality, 343 justfied Halo continuing for another trilogy. I like new IP’s and I’m keen for a new console generation to see the dawn of some great new IP’s but sequels are great as well.

          • You must struggle with reading, so I’ll repeat myself to help you out. There have been 5 complete Halo FPS games in 12 years. Three have been released in the last 6 years not 6. Over the last 12 years the average Halo FPS release, happens every 2-2.5 years. By any definition not milking. Those that accuse Halo of being milked have a high rate of hating the games to begin with. I’m fine with people disliking Halo, however don’t get the reason you dislike Halo confused with why you dislike games like Cod and Assassins Creed.

            The problem with Microsoft isn’t milked francises it’s a overall lack of exclusive IP’s compared to Sony and Nintendo. With Fable descending into crap and no more exclusive Star Wars games Microsoft lost ground. I hope the Xbox 3 has a push to introduce new exclusives and more of what the orginal Xbox and the early 360 had. Because atm Sony is looking strong in the area of exclusives and games in general.

          • I actually quite like the Halo games, own most of them, have rented the rest.

            Now, since Halo 3 released in late 2007 there has been Halo Wars, Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 4. That’s six Halo games released in five years and two months. Averaging it since its inception means nothing, only that the milking begun from Halo 3.

            You may wish to ignore some of the games in the series, but it’s those games in particular that reinforce the fact that the franchise is being milked.


          • Halo Wars isn’t an FPS, I am talking about main sequence Halo FPS’s. Halo Wars was developed by Ensemble Studios attemping a console fps. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary has it in the name, it’s an Anniversary rerelease upscaled to HD for the fans. It’s the same game and also marked the transition from Bungie to 343. Think of ODST as an expansion or disc DLC. It was slighty to big for DLC in concept but not even close to a full fledged game.

            I’m ignoring one full fledged game because it’s an entire different genre, a rerelease of the original Halo in HD (same game) and a large fps expansion/dlc that was sold on disc. So thats 3 three full Halo FPS games in 6 years, so a 2 year average. You are also cherry picking Halo’s most active years the last 6 and avoiding the first 6. If you’re a fan of Halo, you show it in a strange way. Arguing that a aniversary rerelease of the original Halo ten years later counts as an entire new game… That made my day.

            If Halo is being milked most gaming francises if not all of them have been. The terminology is refering to yearly release games that have done so for some time. Cod has had yearly releases with the same fps genre and same game engine in this manner. Assassins Creed as well and I’m sure there are more. To get Halo even close to these types of milked francises, that also have a habit of declining in quality you had to include different genres, rereleases and releases that are more akin to expansions then a new full fledge game.

  • I hope they announce FF12 after this one is released. I personally like 12 better but 10 is the first FF game i had completely finished. cannot wait to go back and play it again on the move. wonder if it will have cross-save features…?

      • i loved the take they did on 12. that world was open from the word GO! and WOW i was amazed. bring it back i miss it!

        • Great game, highly underrated unfortunately. Perhaps if it had been better received then FFXIII wouldn’t have been such a corridor.

          My disc stopped working unfortunately (I’m always careful with discs as well) but I ordered a new copy just yesterday. Can’t wait to do another playthrough.


    I’ve been waiting way too bloody long for this! Now I hope they re-render the CG movies in HD too!!!

  • For people who aren’t aware, yesterday’s SCEJ event was for the Vita. They revealed a new price cut in Japan and some new games.

  • Video of HD remake… available only in SD…. makes me so sad.

    Still I’m glad to hear this project hasn’t been shelved.

  • Im wondering if they were lazy and just tessellated the standard in game models or if they instead used the models from the cutscenes for the battle models.. so easy to do

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