ChefVille ‘Guten Appetit’ Quests: Everything You Need To Know

ChefVille ‘Guten Appetit’ Quests: Everything You Need To Know

While we’ve already seen one new German-themed quest released in ChefVille this week with it an upgrade to the Hofbrau Skillet, there’s an additional timed series available to tackle. The thing is, it’s probably buried among the many Chinese New Year event quests that have also been rolled out this week, so its timer has already started counting down.

These three “Guten Appetit” quests will be available for just five days, and they’ll see you visiting your neighbours, asking friends for items, and of course, cooking lots of dishes. We’re here with a look at these new quests, thanks to Zynga.

Animal Style
• Earn 2 Mastery Stars for Spaetzle
• Collect 11 Rauchermannchen Statues
• Tend 10 Neighbors’ Chicken Coops or Egg Fridges

The Statues are earned by posting a general news item to your wall for help, but you can only earn a maximum of five Statues per request posted. This means that you’ll need to keep coming back to the game and posting additional news posts whenever the game lets you (normally every four or six hours). As for the Spaetzle, this is a dish that is cooked on the Intermediate level of the Hofbrau Skillet (pictured below). When you complete this quest, you’ll receive the 11 statues as decorations for your restaurant, a Beef Broth ingredient and 15 XP.

German Engineering
• Serve Bratwurst with Sauerkraut 7 Times
• Earn 3 Mastery Stars on Knackwurst
• Give 15 Chef’s Services on Sauerbraten

The best way to complete this chef’s services task is to wait to serve this dish until it’s the only dish that will be available in your entire restaurant. That way, you’re guaranteed to see requests for just this dish, and can rack up 15 servings faster than you might be able to otherwise. You’ll receive two Beef Broth, two Red Sauerkraut and 15 XP for completing this quest.

Starch Nemesis
• Craft 4 Red Sauerkraut
• Earn 2 Mastery Stars on Potato Pancakes
• Tend Potato Stall 12 Times

The Red Sauerkraut is crafted inside the Stone Fermenter. You’ll need to use Red Cabbage to create the Red Sauerkraut. As for the Potato Stall, this is a 2000-coin ingredient stall that is purchased in the store. Even though you need to tend Stalls 12 times, you can have up to four of them in your restaurant at once, so this task won’t take as long to complete as it might initially appear. For completing this final quest, you’ll receive a Mounted Stag decoration, two Instant Thymes and 50 XP.

Zynga may change some of the details about these quests between now and their expiration date, but we wish you the best of luck in completing them either way.

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What do you think of this expansion to the German food event in ChefVille? Have you already expanded your Skillet to intermediate? Sound off in the comments!

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  • This is complete and utter bs… FIVE days to complete ALL of this, many of which are 12 hour cooks, ALONGSIDE the chinese timed quests PLUS alongside the pasta for bello timed quests. I’m not a violent person, but I really want to slap some sense into the selfish, rapacious person/s at zynga whom KEEP ON deciding we need to do quest after quest after losing flash CONSTANTLY and freezing up after questwith quest next to quest after quest buy chefcash to complete quest it’s expires do you want the items for 50 chefcash quest after quest we know best and want to keep you mining for 40 salt a day quest after quest after lets see how we can wrangle more money out of them quest… Basically I am sick to death of Chefville. Zynga don’t care about us. If we buy their in-game money we are just a “whale” to exploit . Another thing that bugs me is despite ALL the money I pour into this game I’m only at 425 stars. Now my computer was down for three weeks, but I want to know HOW so many players are suddenly so far ahead. They would have to be either rich or stupid to shell out what zynga, insider traders that they are managed by, wants to complete their missions, so why is it that these folk always finish quests basically within hours, including 16hr cooks, are always up top currently at 712 stars and what zynga is doing to keep an eye on this if they are cheating because for all the money I waste on a table that comes attached to a balloon for example or little bits of tens of CC on trying to keep up with the jonses by paying to complete timed mishes in time ZYNGA, I cannot keep up with them, and I have been playing since day one. It really makes my hard work seem null to see these people always ahead. I’m still struggling collecting bs salts 40 per day, forced to visit umpteen neighbours, along with freezes nearly every 6th visit with a four minute game reboot, and sick of it, to try and get the sushi oven completed for the beautiful items they unlock. These folk had these within one DAY. I don’t think they are buying it of zynga, so who are they paying. Anyhow I have had enough, Too many chefs in the zynga kitchen, I’m throwing in the towel, I’m off to game’s holiday with the no stress Atlantis Fantasy and Pyramidville, oh I’m sorry ZYNGA PyramidVALLEY…

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