Chinese Gamer Almost Dies After Gaming Marathon

Chinese Gamer Almost Dies After Gaming Marathon

Long gaming sessions are excruciatingly hard and tiring. They often require a superhuman constitution to endure, but all that stress can lead to terrible things. One gamer in Fuzhou, China, had a gaming marathon during the Chinese New Year and is now in the hospital.

Xu Yi, 36, spent the better part of his week-long holiday playing video games. According to the Straits Times, Xu’s family said that he would game all night, sleep all day, and when he woke up in the evening he would go out drinking with his friends before going back to his games. They said Xu didn’t exactly love exercise, but he was always in fairly good health — but after his prolonged gaming session, Xu suddenly started complaining about dizziness and a headache.

Xu had suffered a minor stroke. Luckily he was at home with his family, and he was aware that something was wrong. Xu went to the hospital, where doctors took images of his brain and found that he had developed several cerebral haemorrhages. Since the problem was caught early, the doctors were able to help him. Supposedly Xu should be able to go back to his gaming habits within a month’s time.

We’ve reported on many Chinese gamers who’ve died while on their quest to game, and it’s always a terrible thing — so I must once again implore our readers: Have fun, but please take rests in between long sessions so you don’t overexert yourself.

小伙放假通宵网游突发脑溢血 送医抢救生命垂危 [Tencent]


  • Once again the media will point it’s finger of shame at video games.
    It is unfortunate that a few individuals such as this create a negative gaming image.

    The media then has to create a balance and report on other examples of extreme people that have had a stroke, because they work as an accountant, lawyer, business etc.
    Often working 7 days a week sitting for hours and hours not taking breaks and often suffering from signs of deep vein thrombosis or strokes ending up close to or ultimately dead.

    I would say there are far more cases of business people killing themselves working too hard,
    but because they are making money working it is generally accepted.
    If you are a gamer and you game too hard you are an outcast.

    • It’s funny that at the same time you are 100% correct and yet completely irrelevant, it’s a shame. If the news was about truth in any way your comment wouldn’t even be necessary, but in this day and age it’s all about shock value and headlines.

      Doesn’t make you any less right though.

  • I was able to sleep all day and game all night and it only had effects in the long term, but nothing major. Though, they were many years ago in my dark years and I had changed a lot from then. But this guy must have already had it coming. It wasn’t like he was gaming 24/7 literally.

  • So let me get this right, he found time to sleep and he still wound up in the hospital from gaming? Sounds like a bit of a softcock to me

  • He went out drinking with his friends in between.. maybe this is what should be looked at here. Drinking is going to dehydrate him and alter his body chemistry in many ways that prolonged attention of looking at a computer screen would likely effect in bad ways..

    Also.. baijiu.. who the heck knows what kind of baijiu this guy might have been drinking. if it was good quality stuff, no harm.. but likely it was the low quality stuff and that stuff can destroy brain cells very quickly.

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