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Wow. Big week. You might have heard of a little thing called the 'PlayStation 4'? No? Perhaps I can direct you towards every single bloody post on this goddamn page! Welcome to Community Kudos.

I'd like to begin today's Kudos with a leftover nomination from last week. As I mentioned before I've changed my working hours a bit. I now have to wake up at the godawful hour of 5.45am so I can leave a little earlier to look after my new wee baby! So try and get your noms in before 3pm if possible!

Anyway — last weeks noms were from from Aleph-Null!

Aleph-Null First off, Cakesmith, for being a generous bastard and totally not forgetting my birthday, and gifting me Aliens: Colon Marines! How awesome is that guy??
Secondly, a mini-group nom for Trjn, Rize, Ser Nobulus, Blaghman and Numbers for including me in Dota 2. I'm having a blast playing it, although am constantly reminded (more by the game itself than any participants) of my ineptitude.

I'm too old and dumb to understand DOTA.

This nom from D.C. is totally begging for a 'your mum' joke, but I'm way too much of a gentleman to make it!

D.C. I'd like to nominate Sughly for being awesome and Hellscream for inviting us TAYbies to his birthday dinner last weekend. (I totally talked to his mum!)

Oh man, dinner. I'm totally starving right now. Tease me with information about all the foodstuff you consumed!

I like this Ash guy — because he always refers to everyone with an '@'. Like, when he mentions people, he says @markserrels or @Trjn. It's cool. I guess it means the whole new commenting features is really working! YAY!

Ash First nom goes to @spaghett for being a super generous (and I assume, handsome) guy and gifting me his spare copy of Civ 5 on steam.
Second nom goes to @jimu for being a total bro and helping me out of a jam regarding some books that were once dear to my heart.

Am I right in saying that it's #35's birthday over the weekend? If that's correct, happy birthday! If not, I'm a big idiot. Anyway, he sent a nom in for Ruffleberg. The best thing about his nomination was that he did using his mobile and I got his little automated 'sent from a mobile' message. It is awesome.

Sent from atop a rampaging Tyrannosaurus Rex using Samsung mobile.

He nominated Ruffleberg for sending him a copy of The Bridge. Good on ya Dr. Berg!

But I think the mega kudos champion of the week has to go to the Rocketman. I'll leave it to those crazy future roomies Freyjr and Trjn to do the explaining.

Trjn Just wanted to get an early nomination in for Rocketman. Over the weekend, he helped Freya and I move things out of her old apartment. There was also a bit of ferrying to the airport and whatnot. Good times. Aside from the physical exertion and whatnot.
His car battery also died, so it was definitely not a great weekend for him. Really great effort and I'm fairly sure that Freya and I owe him more than just a Kudos nom for it.

So basically Trjn and Freyjr are moving in together. The Rocketman is such a cool bro that he helped with the moving.

Freyjr Mostly a note to say that I'd like to nominate Rocketman for Kudos. He provided much needed emotional and muscular support when I was moving a bunch of stuff over the weekend.
(Admittedly Bunny* did too but he kind of has to help me).
Rocket also had to struggle with his car being stupid and then put up with us for hours despite wanting to go and hermit.
Also would like to nominate Pyrean and Gorzy for always being so cheerful and spreading that infectious happiness to everyone else!

* Editor's note: I think Bunny is totally a pet name Freyjr has for Trjn but I can't be sure lol

Okay, so it's settled. Rocketman, you win again. Jesus man. I'm actually really going to have to send you something aren't I? Please continue to be funny on Twitter.


Your bro...


Have a great weekend everyone!


Virus__ Would just like to throw a Kudos out to Freeze for being a badass dude and hooking me up with a Soundwave ticket! m/
Also throw a nom out to; DC, Techie & Ash for listening to me the other day!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

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    \o/ my email *just* made it. Sorry for the lateness Mark!

    Just so you know, I rephrased that mum line about seven times to avoid those jokes. It was inevitable. :P Congrats Rockets! You're awesome too, Virus. Thanks! :D


    Last edited 22/02/13 4:49 pm

      My bday was yesterday, but thanks man :)

        D: Oh man, it was my brothers birthday too and I forgot that as well. I blame Sony again!

        Hope it was a damn good day. Have an excellent shindig too!

      Isn't it also Hugo's birthday?


      I don't know... :D

    It'd be weird if Bunny was her pet name for me, seeing as almost everyone on TAY calls me that.

    edit: ducking autocorrect.

    Last edited 22/02/13 4:56 pm

      You'll always be Trjn to me, man. :')

      I may have to start calling you "Large wooden badger. "

    Having read the disclaimer for a few years now, I'm just wondering if people who were kudoed in 2011 have gotten their swag yet :P

      I had to go to Sydney to claim my first Kudos prize. Totally worth the plane ticket to get that copy of Street Fighter X Tekken.

      I can't remember if the first time i got the kudos swag was late 2011 or early 2012, but nope, the turtle still hasn't turned up for me :p

      Also what was the turtles name again?

        I'm going to guess Josephine?

        I wasn't part of the Kotaku Krew back then but someone mentioned it.

        Last edited 23/02/13 2:14 pm

    I'd like to suggest Cakesmith be TAKEN OFF THE LIST for gifting someone ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES...

    BAD Cakesmith. BAD. Don't do it again!!!!!

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