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Well, it was supposed to be out this week but, let's be real here, you guys and girls all have a copy of this thanks to the street break! What do you think so far? Has anyone finished it?

For the first time in ages I've actually played the game. Hurray! I can talk with some measure of authority on the game instead of just throwing it out to everyone!

It was funny, because I played this game in front of an audience. My wife and a couple of our male friends. The conversation that went on as I played was hilarious, and a bit insightful in a strange way.

My wife: What the hell is called Mr Lightning Bolt for! [laughs out loud]

Yes, this is a Metal Gear game alright. Sure 'Mr Lightning Bolt' is a nickname for Raiden, but he's still referred to as that, and it's still a bit hilarious.

Male friend #1: Wow! He just got his arm cut off, this is amazing! This game looks amazing!

Metal Gear Rising does have an incredible amount of violence, but at the same time the violence is strangely satisfying. The cutting mechanic is just the best thing ever.

Male friend #2: Is this one of those games where you just push 'X' to do something awesome?

Yes, it is. Sometimes. The thing I found frustrating was not being able to do the really awesome thing in the quicktime events in the actual game itself. I always find that to be a frustrating leap of logic. If Raiden can sprint up the arse end of a metal gear, dragging his sword behind him, and cut the thing in half — why doesn't he just do that to begin with? Or, better yet, why not give us the ability to do it?

Still I like it. I'm getting to grips with the whole parry system, but I'll definitely stick with it. From what I'm hearing it's a relatively short experience anyway, which I'm totally cool with.

What do you all think of the game?


    Great game. Though doesn't have the same atmosphere as a numbered MG game, that's not necessarily a bad thing. It does what it sets out to do well.

    My only concern is my favorite parts of the game involve slicing the girly posters...but this is more of a personal issue I have to deal with

    This game is awesome, definately a high tier Hack N' Slash/ Beat Em' Up genre.

    Played the demo and loved it. I will definitely be getting this soon.

    I'm loving it. It somehow feels like a Metal Gear game while being nothing like one. Even gets the horrible voice acting right. Although its hilarious how every scene Raidan has a different voice.

    The lack of a block or dodge button is doing my head in. My reflex just doesn't want to attack to block.

    For me the story will determine purchase. How does it stack up against the other MG games? I don't mind the ridiculous nature of them, nor the lengthy cutscenes. I basically just want to know if it's thought-provoking and/or emotionally satisfying.

      The cut scenes and story aren't the level of other metal gear games but there still entertaing but not on a emotional level more cool over the top scenes

      There is one element of the story that has a certain amount of kojima shock factor, but there is also a lot of bad dialogue that you wouldn't normally get in a 'solid' game. Quinton Flynn's voice also ranges from ok to abysmal. The fun factor makes up for all the weak points though.

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      There's also some very nice nods to history repeating (a major trait of the Metal Gear series), as well as a particular injury sustained early on that ties in with injuries protagonists in other Metal Gear games have also received. For all its gung-ho 'I'm slicing mechs and cyborgs in half while being a glorious badass', Revengeance is actually quite clever in parts.

    dont get me wrong the game is good but for me to beat it on hard and very harddifficulty in 8 hours game is easy when hang of it really short game if u think about it..

      8 hours is pretty standard for a hack n slash. God of War is about that long.

    The game is great. It still feels like MGS while feeling like something new as well. It has a great sense of humour (the part with the cable being put into the USB port made me laugh out loud) but the story can get as stupid as, well, MGS. Although, the parry system is too finicky and you'll miss a lot of parries because your thumb was 1 millimeter off from where you needed to aim and the final boss is beyond stupid in terms of how unfair it is.

    I do love it, but I wouldn't mind an actual parry button, or better yet, I've played too many games where the right analog stick is a dodge or roll, lol. It also sucks at telling you how to play it. All the little specific details you'll either have to stumble upon, or search for online.

    The camera is kinda godawful at some points; it'll literally randomly snap when you don't want it to, and often ruin any chances you have at parrying. This is especially bad when it comes to very agile or large-scale enemies :-/
    I also feel a slight disconnect as everything either explodes when you kill it, or things in the environment fade away once they've been sliced at least once.

    Apart from that, yeah, it's pretty awesome.

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    i'm absolutely in love with it. it's just so ridiculously over the top i can't help but enjoy it.

    my only gripe is that it was waaay too short, however it's still fun to play over and over again due to unlocks and such, just starting it on very hard...

    I loved it. One of the best 3D brawlers that I've ever played.

    I wrote a review if y'all are interested:

    I'm rather confused when it comes to Revengeance. It's a mix of Platinum and Hideo which should be the bestest thing ever but it frustrates me. I'm only on mission R-03 (on hard) so maybe it gets better. The story, characters and atmosphere are nowhere near as good as the MGS series proper (Though the humour is spot on) and the combat feels nowhere near as deep as Bayonetta or as fun as Vanquish. It just seems to be forward-tap-slash, forward-tap-slash, forward-tap-slash, forward-tap-slash, Zandatsu with some sequences where you just hold down R1-forward and the game does the rest.

    I guess I wanted to do more with the free-slash mechanic, like bring down bridges onto enemy's heads, cut through a wall to make my own entrance, slice the supports to a sign and make a bridge, or cut down a ferris wheel and watch it roll around and cause chaos (curse you Mission R-02!). That being said, I've heard that you have to play through it once before it gets fun and the last boss is a treat so hopefully it'll all just click because I really want to find the game fun, but it's not letting me have as much as I'd like at the moment.

    My plasma lamp LE arrived today. So shiny. Looking forward to getting some time in the game later this week. Hopefully tomorrow ;)

    Finished the game yesterday! :D and WOW how EPIC are the BOSS FIGHTS and awesome gameplay! my cons is only the length of the game.... finished the game in less than 8 hours!! but all in all i would rate this game as 9/10!

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