Conan O'Brien Wants To Protect The New Lara Croft (From Throat Impalement)

Conan O'Brien's breezy "Clueless Gamer" review of Tomb Raider begins and proceeds predictably enough, with the late-night host remarking on Lara Croft's physique and a camera optimised for showing it off.

Then he gets to one of the game's infamous sequences, the spike-filled flume ride, which ends in a cringe-inducing death if you choose the wrong path, which Conan does. Repeatedly.

Clueless Gamer: Conan O'Brien Reviews "Tomb Raider" [TeamCoco]


    TeamCoco 1; Australia 0

      Yet, team coco make it available to our country direct from their site.
      So you can win if you chose to.

      Last edited 27/02/13 4:21 pm

    I'm sorry, the princess is in another country

    I don't know why, but I just can't seem to like Conan as much as I do Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon. Conan is on-par with David Letterman. Ultimately easy viewing, but not particularly entertaining...

    Still, I guess it's nice he's at least giving video games some exposure...

      Being an ex Simpsons Writer and producer, He gets instant cred with me. Late night was gold back in the day. They all just didn't give a shit. Max included.

    I don't think many men would be trying to 'protect' Lara from "throat impalement".

      You are literally what's wrong with males associated with video games.
      Shut your misogynistic mouth before anyone thinks you represent the rest of us.

        Are you angry at Conan? He said some pretty sexist things in that review.

          I can only think one person a day said something inappropriate?

            You had no problem criticising zico, why not mention that Conan said some sexist things in the video as well?

            Actually, wouldn't Conan's sexist comments be worse because he is famous?

            Admit it, you just want to be seen as a white knight riding in on your horse to defend the female gamers from childish humour. What zico said was crude and childish, but your self-righteous indignation is frankly far more repugnant.

              I'm confused now. What's self righteous about thinking he said something misogynistic?
              I thought it was offensive and inappropriate. That's the motivations.
              Just because people white knight things on the internet, doesn't mean that any complaint about sexist remarks is white knighting., and if it is. then I don't know what to respond with.

              If you think I'm being self righteous, that's fine. But attacking my point because I didn't criticise Conan in the same breath is a bit of a strawman. I stand by my assesment of the above being crude and not necessary, regardless of whether anyone else said something just as crude.

                It's entirely self-righteous to think you have some right to tell others to shut up "before anyone thinks you represent the rest of us".

                It seems entirely inconsistent to me that you would so strongly criticise a commenter, but say nothing about the content of the video itself. I guess if you called Conan a misogynistic prick people might downvote you and attack you because he probably has plenty of fans who would come to his defence. Berating a fellow commenter for a childish remark doesn't run much of a risk of that.

                  Fair enough.
                  I didn't see any value in commenting on the video. Conan won't see it, will never reply.

                  And I think I've been exposed to plenty of risk commenting negatively on anything.

                I was actually pointing out the extremely unfortunate choice of words used by the writer. The term "throat impalement" is wide open to fellatio related comments and I would probably have avoided using it. I'm actually a little confused as to what it is you're trying to protect society from. Have you never watched an episode of family guy or South Park? Does your ability to handle puerile humour regulate depending on your expectations? Have a think about it.

                Last edited 02/03/13 3:56 pm

        What's with you? He's not allowed to make a lowbrow slightly inappropriate joke? I found it somewhat funny. There's no need to attack someone like that; and YOU sure as hell don't represent "the rest of us".

        Can it be "literally" and "figuratively"? I'd hate to be what's wrong with society on only one spectrum :(

    Well... Funny video.

    But mark my words, if Lara dies by throat impalement, I'm jumping a bridge. (Won't disclose how small or big it is.)

    Link that works in Australia

    This is like the 4th time in a row kotaku has posted a clueless gamer where the link doesnt work. This is getting ridiculous.

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