Cops Say Dad, Visiting Badly Burned Son, Stole Three Consoles From A Hospital

A five-year-old boy playing with a cigarette lighter set his shirt on fire and went to the hospital with serious burns on Wednesday. Cops allege that his father went to the hospital's family waiting room, and consoled himself by raiding a supply closet and stuffing three game consoles and some controllers into a garbage bag, presumably to bring home.

Pittsburgh police say that Jim Skursky was at UPMC Mercy Hospital to see his son, who was burned in an accident at Skursky's grilfriend's girlfriend's home outside of the city. A neighbour said the boy had caught his shirt on fire, burning himself on his chest, back and underarms. The neighbour put out the fire, started when the kid was playing with a lighter.

A reporter for WPXI-TV said Skursky made off with a "Wii, Xbox, Sony Playstation and some controllers," making this the first console heist ever to span three generations. (Two if you don't count the Wii.) We're betting he actually grabbed a 360, PS2 and Wii, though it's possible an original Xbox or PS3 could have been involved. Who knows. It's February sweeps, and local TV news has never given a shit for reporting the actual correct names of video games or their consoles, that is well established.

Skursky is facing theft charges and a loss of eligibility for father of the year. His son has gone through surgery, though the boy's grandmother says he is doing well now.

Police: Man charged with theft after visiting son in hospital [WPXI-TV, h/t mr_raccoon]


    BAN THE LIGHTERS!!!! lol, They keep consoles in waiting room closets now??

    raiding a supply closet and stuffing three game consoles and some controllers into a garbage bag, presumably to bring home.

    No, he was taking them to have them cleaned. Don't always assume the worst of people.

    He looks a bit like Bill from left for dead and want mercy hospital over run with zombies? He was just trying to save those consoles before the infection hit

    Is it bad that they misspelled "girlfriend" in this article to this "who was burned in an accident at Skursky’s grilfriend’s home"

      I have a feeling that may have been done on purpose :P

    This is totally coming from the judging a book by it's cover file....but he looks like a crim.

    Who lets their kid play with a lighter, anyway? It's FIRE. They were literally playing with fire. Had this guy only heard the expression, "You're playing with fire," about how they were diddling their sister, and thought that obviously that must mean something good, and little junior should get right on that shit? Either that or they're starting the smoking REAL young these days. Because fuck paying for college. Better they die of lung cancer before that.

      I think the kid just found it lying around and just started playing with it, rather than the father actively giving it to the kid to play with. I could be wrong though... >_>

    Poor kid. I hope he recovers quickly.

    As for the father, what kind of a-hole dropkick (I'm being polite here) steals from the hospital where his own child is being treated for an emergency? I get that he probably couldn't be there by his son's side while they were treating him, but a real parent would be distraught at a time like that. Too distraught to think about helping themselves to anything, regardless of how supposedly easy the theft would appear to be.

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