Creepy Woody Trolling The World's Coolest Figures And Toys

Creepy Woody is one pervy figure. But he's not just a giant horn dog. He's also trolling rad toys, like the Metal Gear Rex. What a jerk!

Website TheOneCam is a collection of amazing figure photos and amazing Woody photos. Previously, Kotaku featured some of the site's more pervy Woody pics. Above, here's a look at Creepy Woody trolling some of the coolest figures you can buy.

The Creepy Woody figure was part of the Revoltech line of Japanese figures. It went out of production, with the pervy face no longer offered in newer Revoltech Woody figures. Last summer, however, it did go back on sale.

TheOneCam [Official Site]


    Pervy Woody is only amusing when he's actually being pervy. The stuff with him wailing on comic book figures and so on really doesn't work.

      I think it still kinda works, he just looks like creepy jerk Woody. I agree it's not as good though.

      Except with the wheelchair. That's gold.

    The Thor one is brilliant, I can just imagine Woody with that maniacal expression, just bashing Thor until there is nothing left.

    Hentai woody is better when he is doing hentai things.

    Lol bashing thor with that laugh from the first toy story when buzz thinks he's a real boy

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