Delight In How These Photos Totally Look Like Anime And Video Game Characters

Sometimes, people look familiar. You know you've seen them before. Maybe they look like a friend from high school. Or an animal. Or an electrical appliance. In the West, there are websites such as Totally Looks Like that compare images which... totally look like each other.

On web forums, Japan does the same thing, finding images that look the same. In Japanese, the images are dubbed "kanzen ni icchi" (完全に一致) or a "complete match".

Often, below or on these comparisons, the words "kanzen ni icchi" (完全に一致) appear, but not always.

Because these comparisons are appearing on Japanese sites, the subjects are often Japanese celebrities or newsmakers. The point of reference is typically manga, anime, or video games — but certainly not always, as you can see below.

Here is a round up of some of the complete matches from over the years. Some of them, such as the top comparison, have also appeared on Western sites. Some have not.

完全に一致 [のりまきとニンテン] 「完全に一致」画像集. 完全に一致 [Naver] 完全に一致している画像の数々をご覧ください [Girls Channel] ジュニアのすべらない話!? [幸せのサンクチュアリ]


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