Dirty Schwarzneggers And KHAAAAAAN: Toy Fair 2013, Day 2

Scroll ahead. Look at James Tiberius Kirk whuppin' on Khan Noonien Singh. God, isn't that just beautiful? God bless Diamond Distributors for making that thing. Diamond also showed off Tomb Raider minimates, Iron Man and War Machine designs from Iron Man 3. But that Kirk vs Khan set... it's one of the best things I saw at Toy Fair.

What else was cool? The creepy, cracked-flesh George Washington automaton from NECA, the company that's making toys for Portal, Gears of War and BioShock Infinite. They are also rolling out two Batman figures based on actors who have played Bruce Wayne, a slew of updates to their movie-centric lines including Pacific Rim, Predator, Aliens, Kick-Ass 2 and The Avengers.

DC Direct's newest offering include the Joker's ghastly new look, an Arkham City Nightwing, Injustice figures and an amazing Dark Knight Returns statue, along with a Superman line that based on different artists' versions of the Man of Steel.


    I want that Arnie figure. I'm here, come ahn! Do It now! Kill Me!

    Related question - any of you guys/girls have an opinion re. the best AU based online store to purchase action figures and collectibles?

    The 'Trophy Case Diorama' from Predator 2 looks freaking awesome. Yes please!

    It's a little depressing looking at these, because as goddamn awesome as they are, I know that most of them will be way out of my budget (T_T) one can still dream though. One can still dream.....

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