Disney Will Be Making All Kinds Of Star Wars Spin-Offs

We already knew that the newly minted Star Wars-owners at Disney are planning a new trilogy, the first film of which will be directed by nerd-king J.J. Abrams.

It's also been heavily rumoured that Disney would be making spin-off movies outside of the trilogy. Sounds like that is indeed the way it's going to go down. Speaking with CNBC, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that the House of Mouse is planning additional spin-off films based on individual characters. Here's CNBC:

And, big news "Star Wars" fans: Disney, which announced it would buy Lucasfilm last year, plans to make spinoff movies based on characters in addition to the three sequels it had previously announced, CEO Bob Iger told CNBC in an interview after the earnings report.

This raises all sorts of questions, the most fun one being: If you could see a spinoff Star Wars film focusing on any character from the films, which one would it be?

It's a little tough for me since half of my favourite Star Wars characters are from Knights of the Old Republic, but I'd totally watch a spinoff about Lando Calrissian wheeling and dealing, scoundreling it up with the ladies, always with a wink and a million-dollar grin. I'm sure Billy Dee could make a cameo or something.

But how about you? What Star Wars spinoff would you like to see?

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    I'd like to see a behind the scenes documentary about life on the road with the Mos Eisley cantina band. Kind of like This Is Spinal Tap, but with more scum and villainy.

      How about a "Leaving Las Vegas" style movie about the gradual alcohol induced suicide of Jar Jar Binks ... set in and around the Mos Eisley cantina

        How about a Requiem For A Dream type take on things, where Han and Chewbacca turn to drug smuggling, leading to amputation, death, imprisonment and Leia turning into a crack-whore?

    MadTV has already made the perfect Lando movie

    A series/movie based on the X-Wing squadrons - centred on Corran Horn would be awesome...
    Anything from the Thrawn trilogy would make me happy actually.

      The X-Wing stuff would do well as a TV series I think. Probably as a film series it'd end up disappointing.

        I would love a TV series about an X-Wing Squad it doesn't even have to be a squad near any of the main characters from the Movie.

    Ignoring EU would be preferred. Steal elements and the most popular characters, but seriously its pretty messy.

    How about a Hostel type film where we see Gungans tortured to death?

    fly on the wall documentary, following the different crews constructing the Deathstar. Think those shows american loggers, gold diggers etc on discovery channel...

    TOOT TOOOOOOOT!!!! Here comes the money train!!!! TOOOOOOOT

    A movie based around an Ugnaught working in Cloud City. He stops going to work and we see him get promoted as he becomes more lazy – climaxing when he and his friends beat down an innocent printing droid.

    I have always thought they should make a Star Wars Basketball Game on console.

    Good Guys - Yoda on point , Luke at SG , Hans at SF , Lando at PF , Chewwie at Centre

    Baddies - Darth Caedus at PG , Nom Anor at SG , Bobba Fett at SF Darth Vader at PF , Jabba at Centre

    I, blue elephant-thing: the Max Rebo story.

    Lando's be cool, it could be a throwback to when he was a hustler and eventually lost the Millenium Falcon.

    Han and Chewie's buddy origin story?

    Maybe something to do with that cave on dagobah?

    Something to do with the Sith, fill in the emperor's back story of how he came to murder his master?

    These are all things linked to the original trilogy of course, they could be much more separate and, if done well, could be awesome.

    I'd watch a tv series about a rebel squadron (or whatever faction takes its place) if done well.

    Star Wars spinoff movies you say? You mean no ones seen Caravan of Courage? Ewoks have feelings too.

    They already have successful spin offs. They are called 'X-Wing', 'Tie Fighter' and 'Jedi Knight'!

    I wanna see a movie about where TK-421 was when he wasn't at his post! It could be like a Ferris Bueller style film. TK's Day Off!

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