Donkey Kong Returns Is Heading To The 3DS

Nintendo is bringing Donkey Kong Returns to the 3DS. The remake is currently in development and will take advantage of the glasses-free 3D feature in the Nintendo 3DS.

It is slated for release in Japan and North America in the third quarter of 2013.


    Will they remove the need to shake to roll?
    This is seriously my deciding factor, it's the only reason i don't go back to this game the same way I go back to Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2 all the time. Would buy and love again if I can just tap a goddam button.

      They'd have to, shaking the screen at the same time would be ridiculous. Only reason I never finished the game :-/

      I'm pretty sure with a gameshark type code you can change it. You need a softmodded wii through (I can't remember the actual term for it).

    I would prefer brand new titles, not the sama old stuff, like donksy kong and mario. Don't get me wrong, Mario and DK are classics, but i would rather Nintendo use some crearivity.

    I already finished that game and it's not even that old. Why couldn't they make a sequel instead?

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      True, Nintendo love to remake everything, however i dont have a wii, so this does interest me

    Hoping for some tweaks like playable Diddy in single player and maybe some extra levels. This is a must-day-one-buy for me either way!

    I thought it was a sequel when I read the header and got excited for a minute (really didn't enjoy Returns but a sequel could be better, The classic ones are some of my favourite games ever)...This is just pathetic Nintendo..

    I am so picking this up. Probably the only game I bothered to 100% or even really play on my Wii before getting rid of it, that nostalgia.

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