Don't Tell Ubisoft Australia Its Games Suck

Not unless you want them to actually fire back. This refreshingly honest exchange — which was still on the site at time of writing — took place overnight on Ubisoft's Australian Facebook page.

Call it unprofessional if you want, but it's nice to see someone slinging remote digital mud get a little back from a publisher for once. The urge to do so must get unbearable at times.

Ubisoft Australia [Facebook]


    I'd appreciate any sort of response from EA on why Dead Space 2 is $70 on Steam for us, and $20 for Americans, even an insult.

      Wait, Dead Space 3 is on Steam?

        No it isn't, srg was talking about Dead Space 2

          Because in Oz EA are using their Origin site for all their digital content, and don't really do much with Steam anymore. It's Valve that is setting that ridiculous high price, not EA. DS2 is available for $19.99 on the Origin site.

            It is actually Oz EA setting the Australian price on Steam. The reason for the price discrepancy is that they're pushing for people to use Origin over Steam to purchase their games.

        No, I was trying to get 2 since I haven't played it yet. Also +10 points for Marathon username

      Wait, you're not taking that price as an insult in itself?

      Driver San Francisco was a great game and it nice to see Unisoft fire back. You see what i did there, i stayed on topic to the article.

    Yea I don't mind this.

    Makes them more human when they start talking like normal people.

    I think it was unintentional but I didn't know they were having a sale so nice move Ubi if it was intentional.

    Reece was right on the money with that call

      No way! Driver SF is awesome. Please understand Reece is not on the money.

        Yeah the new Driver is a fantastic game. Such a breath of fresh air that should of sold better.

    But but they're right. Their games do suck. (still bitter about AC3 and every Splinter Cell since Chaos Theory.)

    Driver San Francisco was actually a pretty good game though

    Driver: San Francisco is a good game though. And that's a real bargain there.

    Fair enough. If the guy had actually said something useful or constructive, like "this game is terrible because..." and given some kind of justification then it might be OK. But otherwise he's just trolling and deserves to cop a bit back.

    That's not very nice of ubisoft australia. But the guy on Facebook might just be trolling so I would say he deserved it. Ubisoft's reaction wasn't very professional but in some cases, they just have to be like that.

    Last edited 01/02/13 10:31 am

      It will mourn the loss I'm sure.

        Don't be an idiot. The main point of my comment is how uni aus should have deal with ithe comment more professionally, not me losing respect for them.

        The thing is some some of ubisoft's games do suck.

      Reece is entitled to his opinion that Driver SF sucked, informed or otherwise. Ubisoft then surely are entitled to their opinion that he has no taste right?

    You tell someone "Personally, I thought the game wasn't your best", they have no right to fight back. You tell them "lol your game was bad and you should feel bad" and I reckon they should be able to make a snide remark.

    And $70 for DS2 on Steam? I bought it when it was like $15 or something during a sale. Give it a few weeks and you'll get it cheap again!

    I think Plunkett could have blanked the kids name out. It's not exactly in the public interest to ridicule someone for his comment.

      No need to block his name. He is posting on a public Facebook page

        Yes - but it is now being displayed to a far greater audience than the comment section of Ubisoft Australia. It has been posted on Kotaku US - where he is now being ridiculed.

          Yeah well maybe he'll learn that trolling has consequences when you're on facebook.

          If you're gonna say something in a public forum, then expect a public response. Simple. Regardless of size, the same principles still apply.

    Didn't even realise Ubisoft had an Australian division. Anyway, I personally think they make/publish some pretty good games, but their DRM and post-release service is pretty awful.

      Some guy sitting in an office adding 50% to the price of everything. And taking complaints.

    Ubisoft AU and I talk on Facebook a fair bit. I work in social media and every day you get under-informed, over-opinionated knobs posting negative garbage on your wall. Its good to see people not caring for someone's negative garbage.

    I will tell Ubisoft that I will not be buying Rayman Legends, thanks to them being greedy.

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