Dreamcast, Saturn And Genesis Return… As Laptops

Dreamcast, Saturn And Genesis Return… As Laptops

Sega is back in the game console business! Well, sorta. OK, not really. But this is pretty cool anyway. The Tokyo-based gaming company is licensing out its iconic consoles to be branded on laptop computers.

The result is several Sega-themed notebooks: There’s the basic Sega motif, the Genesis Model, the Saturn version and the Dreamcast one. Each of these see four different spec levels: the Light Model, which is ¥99,750 ($1069); the Standard Model, which costs ¥131,250 ($1406); the High Spec Model, which costs ¥162,750 ($1744); and the pricey Premium Model, which lists at ¥194,250 ($2081).

Here are the PC specs.

Sega has been interested in doing laptop versions since the year before last, thinking they would be something diehards would totally want. And now, if you live in Japan or can import, you could totally get one.


The laptops have custom wallpapers, sounds and screen icons. This better be the boot up music.

SEGA NOTE PC [EBTEN via Retro Collect]


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