Driveclub Is Your First PS4 Racing Game

Evolution Studios are working on a racing game for the PS4 called Driveclub. With a big emphasis on team-based gameplay, and featuring real car licences.

Races can be set up on a mobile phone, invitations sent out for a major event, and events can accomodate small groups of friends or thousands of competitors from all over the world.


    between this and Gran turismo 6, this is gonna be awesome!!!!

      yeah because gt5 was SO GOOD. they only introduced about, 200 new cars, and then took away ur ability to buy new brakes. awesome driving simulator when u have to get to the top level to unlock damage. Im waiting for GRID 2 in 4k, dont care if its not the most accurate simulator, but it makes you feel like you're driving a real off-chops car!

        wat, i liked the top gear track in GT5 forget the rest

    Bugger. I imagine this can only mean GT6 is a while off.

    I'm just not sure I can trust Sony/Polyphony Digital with GT6. Having been a fan ALL of my life, and pumping sooooo many hours into every version. I'm just not sure, GT5 was such a let down.

      I agree, their stubborn head in the sand approach is a double edge sword. I LOVE that gt is still the only game that lets me just enjoy driving a single car on a track for the pure joy of driving without smashing up my ears and face with some dude telling me I'm doing sick level ups and the interface slamming things everywhere with sparks coming off it, but at the same time I loathed the ancient grind of gt5 and its sheer bloody awkwardness

    I really hope there's a new Motorstorm on the way.

    Unfortunate name though - sounds like a golf game.

    This was the only game I felt was poorly explained when it came to what seperated it from other racing games thus far. Can't you "team race" in other driving games? It seems like a simplistic concept. Challenges aren't something new either.

    Looks really pretty though, especially the First Person climbing into the car.

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