Dudebro: The Mockumentary

It started with a real life story. One of Mark Duval's female friends was studying in a games development course. When the female teacher walked in to teach, one of the male students shot up his hand and asked for a male teacher, because a woman couldn't possibly know anything about games development. That story got Mark Duval thinking about some of the issues women have to face in the games industry.

The end result was the above mockumentary — Dudebro. A video shot for Mark's TAFE class, stylistically it feels a little bit like Chris Lilley's Summer Heights High, and it touches on a few things: sexism, homophobia, the language we tend to use whilst playing games.

Well worth watching.


    When the female teacher walked in to teach, one of the male students shot up his hand and asked for a male teacher

    If I was that teacher I would have kicked him out of that particular lesson, have him see me in my office later and cut sick and him, and if his attidue hadn't improved at the next lesson, make moves to have him kicked out of the course.

    Seriously, so f'ing rude.

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    If they want games about babies and fairies and ribbons and bunnies and shit.

    I'd play that.

      pfft... bronie.

        Like you don't own Secret of the Magic Crystal.

        Why do you think they're a Brony? They might want to play a game about demonic babies being raised by a Redcap who runs a Vorpal Rabbit walking service while wearing ribbons torn from the screaming souls of the undead.

          Alternatively, there's always Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.

            I thought that looked kinda fun when browsing XBLA - can you recommend it?

              Never played it. It's just the only game that comes close to the quote.

              It's passable. Amusing for long enough to get you through the demo but unlikely to really inspire you to pay for it.

              As Red Artifice suggests, you'd probably be better off with Jazz Jackrabbit.

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    I've already seen a problem in the first minute. The guy boasts about having a high "Gamerscore", but that implies he's openminded enough to play other games then FIFA or CoD. Dudebros barely have 1,000 points, and those are mostly from simple auto achievements like altering your loadouts or something.

      Didn't you know that 2700 is a fully sick as dope high number?

    Pretty good stuff.

    Though I want to say that balloon at the very end there coming back into frame was pretty serendipitous.

    I'm starting a games technology major in a couple of weeks. I hope there's not arseholes like that in my classes :l

    That was a nice watch though. It's sad to think that there are many people like those guys making it hard for females in games courses (or any course I would assume). Seriously, they're adults. You'd think they'd show a bit more maturity.

    Oh and +1 for Okami being in the "store"!

      If you do happen to meet any folks like that, perhaps you could do us a favour make sure they don't find their way into the industry. Now I'm not advocating killing anyone here, oh my no. A simple horrible maiming that prevents them from ever operating a computer again would be amply sufficient.

    That video was sick as, bro. The portago... protoga... main dude was so gay. Just 'cause chicks can't game so good, don't mean you heap shit on 'em. What a fag.

    Dom was hot.

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