Electronic Frontiers Australia Calls On Queenslanders To Complain About R18+

Late last week we broke the news that God of War: Ascension would be rated R18+ in Australia but, perhaps more importantly, a leaked internal memo showed us precisely how stores in Queensland have to react if a game is given an adult rating. It made for interesting reading: all mentions of the game, all promotional tools — everything — had to be removed immediately. Now Electronics Frontier Australia (EFA) has picked up on the news and is encouraging Queenslanders to get motivated around the issue.

Earlier today they tweeted the following...

The EFA is a non-profit organisation that represents Australian internet users concerned with online freedoms.

Queensland Parliament sits today and one of the first thing on the agenda is the Classification of Computer Games and Images Amendment Bill so hopefully we'll actually see some progress today, especially considering the fact that the committee the bill was sent to should have reported back by now. If all goes well we should have some good news on the R18+/QLD issue soon.


    In many ways we have always been a backwards country. We have over the decades resisted change in technology, or the willingness to adopt what is new. It could be because of alot of things, I feel up until recently Australia has been looked at last when it comes to anything new. We only in the last few years got movie releases the same time as the US (Still on some we don't) as the same with games. Also we don't have strong freedom of media laws the US has, or a Bill of Rights stating such laws. So i guess without a stated law that protects our right to in this case freedom of media, we will get these politicians that will block R18+ ect.

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      What rubbish. EVERY country has the same resistance to change, Australia is usually one of the early adopters for everything womens vote, black vote, anti discrimination, one of the highest in home tech adoption rates in the world even with getting all the new toys later than everywhere else.
      We are behind on gay marriage and freedom of speech but thers really very few countries that have those! I wouldn't be jealous of the US anyway as most of their rights have been destroyed in the fight against 'terror'.

        Every western country but Australia has a Bill of Rights. I am not jealous of the states mostly, they get paid crap, not heath care, stupid gun crimes, but I was referring to up until recently we were the last to recieve new tech, movie ect. There is no need to get emotional its a comments section.

        But back on the topic we just need to write our MP's and ask for the ban lifted, that is all we can do to change it.

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      Up until very recently Australia was incredibly progressive and forward thinking. Universal suffrage started in south Australia. Yes this is one area Australia has lagged, but of you ask any politician what keeps them up at night R18+ just isn't it. Does that sick for us? Of course. But there are bigger fish at the moment. Or wasn't until the current government needed some low hanging fruit that it finally got addressed.

      As for technologically being last... not true, Australia is lead in tech uptake, behind only Singapore. And movies, move to the UK, its much worse.

        There are bigger fish to fry, but this should have been a slight tweak to the words and done. Not a massive discussion.

          Was the process ideal? good God no, however democracy is a big wheel and it takes a while to turn.

            The thing is the other states all made the deadline and Queensland didn't. Makes me think they're not doing their job as well as the other Governments.

              I think that's a common theme in QLD right now.

    In the last paragraph I was expecting the closing quotation mark, and when I didn't see it I kind of read the last bit into the agenda. Now I can't get the image of a pissed off Queensland MP adding it to the agenda with so hopefully we’ll actually see some progress today, especially considering the fact that the committee the bill was sent to should have reported back by now.

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    This is what you get, Queensland. This is what happens when you beat New South Wales at State of Origin for 7 years. YOU DON'T GET TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES.

    (I'm bitter? Whatchu talking about?)

      While we were winning at sportsball, you were winning and inept and corrupt state governments.

      Now we're looking at an inept and/or corrupt state government, so maybe it's your turn for sportsball.

        I dunno, NSW is still pretty damn inept.

          Definitely putting up more of a fight than in State of Origin.

            Hey! At least we don't punch like girls!

    it's stupid every other state has R+18, I have to import god of war from NSW how dumb is that

    If you don't like it, don't buy it. It's not fucking hard to understand.

      Um... what? No, if you read, this article is about how Queenslanders CAN'T buy the game even if they WANT to.

        We can, but we have to buy it online or interstate/overseas. This'll hurt local retail, and therefore cost jobs. Quite ironic considering the LNP is supposed to be pro-business and jobs jobs jobs.

        I think that was the point of luke_jm's comment - "If you don't like it then don't buy it", as opposed to "If you don't like it, then have it banned and rob everyone else of the opportunity to make their own damn choice on the matter."

      "It's not fucking hard to understand."

      Apparently it is.

    As expected they did not get to government business (and the bill) in the morning session as proceedings were suspended for condolence motions. Still waiting to see the full day hansard to see if the bill was addressed in government business.

    I live in Nth Qld. My local Dick Smith has a little stand next to the counter with a message on it to the extent that Australia now has a R18+ for video games. I pointed out to the sales guy that Qld doesn't, he seemed genuinely confused.

    I just thought of something interesting, eb games have there distribution warehouse in QLD right, would that mean they can't hold the game and distribute it among their stores nation wide?

    P.S - i am not an employee for eb games, just going off info from these boards.

      I don't think so.
      The issue is with retail sale. Distribution and holding should not be an issue as the warehouse is not selling to the public, they are simply supplying their retail outlets.

    I find the actions of my states government shallow and perdantic

      Are you sure you know what either of those words mean?
      Your could be using them just to be mellifluous.

        I assume "perdantic" is supposed to be "pedantic", but it still doesn't make any sense. What are the government being pedantic about? They are being many things but pedantic about this particular topic isn't one of them.

    Can we stop going on about 18+ rating?

      We can stop going on about it when ALL states have it douchebag. If you didn't want to read about this, there's plenty other threads to read and comment on.

        How lovely. Comments like yours proves why gamers are still viewed as immature children - and is part of the reason why its been such a slow process to getting an R18 rating.
        Your comment below proves it even more.

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          Not really. In fact your complete indifference, yet urge to post belittling comments to those it does effect makes you look like a retard. Why do you make it your business to be involved in a conversation that you don't care about?
          People like me are why the R18+ legislation has been pushed to be approved. People like you are why it's taken so long. Difference being that I give a shit, and you do not. Not hard to see.

          Now, back to my original point. If you don't want to hear about the R18+ rating anymore, then why would you even post and continue to be here other then to be a demeaning little troll?

    This is freaking retarded. So not only did we have to wait so much longer the we were meant to but now QLD is refused R18+ games at all?! WHAT THE FUCK?!
    That's not equality, that's singling out. This state is fucking shit, the government is retard. I have half a mind to just move. That guy is a fucking idiot

      No it's moving through parliament slowly, these guys telling you to complain don't understand the difference between a ban, and a government being slow.

        Thank fuck. That seriously worried me for a second. Being on the last few steps and having a nuke dropped on the staircase would have sucked ALL the dicks.
        I don't mind waiting a little longer. Kinda used to it by now lol

      Why do you care? Are you even older than 18 anyway?

        I'm 27 you moron. Why wouldn't I care if I can't play some AAA releases and games i've been waiting on for years? Idiot.

    As of 10:30pm local time, condolence motions were still being given.

    As such it appears all standing notices have been suspended and the absolute earliest we will hear anything will be tomorrow (assuming that carry over of today's notices does not delay government business further).

    For those interested, the report from the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee has already been published on the 4th of February and the findings are:

    After careful examination of the individual components of the Bill and consideration of the various policy objectives that are being pursued by the Bill, the Committee considers that the Bill ought to be passed.

    ... is likely that Queensland’s new enforcement regime will not commence until sometime in mid to late February 2013.

    Full report can be found at http://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/documents/committees/LACSC/2012/ComputerGames/rpt020-4Feb2013.pdf

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