Enormous Transformers Snow Sculpture Will Blow Your Mind

There's more than meets the eye at this year's winter festival in the northern Japanese city of Asahikawa. There's a huge Transformers snow sculpture.

Since 1959, the city of Asahikawa has held an annual winter festival, and this year, Japanese toy maker Takara Toy is rolling out this enormous piece of snow art.

"More Than Meets the Eye" measures over 20m high, over 130m across and over 40m deep. With the exception of the sculpture's frame, the entire thing is made of snow.

It took approximately 250 workers about a month to finish the huge snow structure. The snow was procured from clearing roads, and the Transformers monument was made from around 6000 truckloads worth of snow.

The Asahikawa Winter Festival runs from February 6 to February 11.

-トランスフォーマー in ASAHIKAWAー [旭川冬まつり] トランスフォーマーの大雪像、11tトラック約6,000台分で世界最大級 [ナリナリ]


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