Famous Anime Girls Brawl In This Fan-Made Game

Famous Anime Girls Brawl In This Fan-Made Game

Guardian Heroes is often considered one of the best of the Sega Saturn library. It is an excellent brawler complete with a robust story and branching paths. But you know what it needed? Famous anime heroines.

That’s where Guardian Heroines: Final comes in. This fan-made game gathers girls from popular visual novels like Kanon, Tsukihime and Fate Stay Night, gives them fighting and magical attacks, and lets them loose upon scores of enemies.

The game supports one player in story mode and up to eight players in an all-out versus brawl. The characters and attacks look great in all their pixelated glory and the move sets the characters possess are surprisingly varied and complex.

If the game has one problem, it’s that it is almost too easy in the early levels. It could also benefit from gamepad support and co-op in the story mode. Still, it is a decent brawler overall.

Guardian Heroines: Final was originally sold at Comiket 70 in 2006 and now copies can be found occasionally on the Japanese version of Yahoo auctions. The demo for the game can be downloaded at the official website (or directly here).

Check out the video above to see Guardian Heroines: Final in action.

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