Fans Design Their Own Gran Turismo 5 Car

Despite what looks like a screenshot from the game, above, the E-motion concept car is not available to drive in Gran Turismo 5. It's not even a real car.

It's instead one of the best fan projects I've ever seen for a game. Four French designers have teamed up to design the vehicle, which they've (virtually) built from the ground up, engineering a car that would be able to "change its mass distribution during the race... if you are in a turn, in a straight line or breaking phase".

In other words, morph and transform depending on how fast you were driving and how you were handling the car.

It looks like it'd be fast as all hell, too. Powered by a battery and weighing almost nothing, it would fly around the track, with performance the designers say would be a "compromise between a kart and a F1".

If, you know. The car actually existed.

The idea of putting non-existent cars inside Gran Turismo isn't new — the X-1 being perhaps the most notable example — so maybe developers Polyphony cold help these guys out.

The team responsible were Frédéric Le Sciellour (manager), Jérémy Sachot (industrial designer), Ishak Belhout (industrial designer) and Julien Ancery (digital designer).

Gran Turismo E-motion Concept [Frédéric LE SCIELLOUR]


    Where's the engine?

      In the article it says that it is battery powered not petrol.

      the concept is intriguing but I think would ultimately fail as there is not a lot of space for the battery, in addition the weight of the battery would be a limiting factor. Unless Lithium-Air batteries finally make it to market.

        Thanks for that, I missed the battery bit.

    if you're going to make a car from scratch, why wouldn't you make it look good? this looks like an upside down coffee table!

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