FarmVille 2 Gothic Revival Kitchen Recipes: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re ready to really dive into the Gothic Revival theme in FarmVille 2, you can now purchase some of the theme’s limited edition trees and put their fruits to good use in the game’s Crafting Kitchen.

There are three new recipes available to cook in this theme, and all three of them require Beautyberry fruit to prepare. We’re here with a complete guide to these recipes to help you get started. Let’s go!

The first recipe is the Beautyberry Sauce, which requires four Sugar and eight Beautyberry to create. The Sugar can be earned by asking your friends to send it to you directly, while the Beautyberries are earned by harvesting the Beautyberry Tree. A single Beautyberry Tree costs 12 Farm Bucks in the store, and is available to harvest once every eight hours. If you’re not interested in purchasing any of these trees for your own farm, you still have a chance to randomly earn Beautyberries by harvesting your friends’ Beautyberry trees if they decide to purchase them. A single Beautyberry Sauce can be sold for 1,500 coins, or you can put it to use in other recipes in the Crafting Kitchen. You’ll also receive nine XP for each one you create.

Moving on, the second recipe is for Beautyberry Cream, and it requires four Milk and one Beautyberry Sauce to create. The Milk can be earned by tending the appropriate animals, so this recipe is fairly easy to create once you make the Sauce. A single Beautyberry Cream can be sold for 1,970 coins, and you’ll receive 12 XP for creating a single one. [clear]

The final recipe is the Beautyberry Angel Food Cake, which can be created using one Batter and one Beautyberry Cream. Batter is created using Flour, which comes from Wheat, and the Angel Food Cake itself can be sold for 4,110 coins. If you’re already planning on purchasing this new tree, that’s a pretty great payout if you make them in bulk. You’ll earn 26 XP for each Cake that you create. [clear]

These recipes will only be available for 26 more days, while the actual Beautyberry Tree will expire from the store after 19 days. If you’re at all interested in crafting these recipes, make sure to get started sooner, rather than later, to earn the most coins possible. [clear]

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Brandy Shaul is an editor at Republished with permission. [clear]

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