Felicia Day Wrote Some Pretty Good Video Game Poetry As A Kid

I think we've all been there: You're young, you're bored, you decide to write some poetry about your favourite video game.

Actress/writer/musician/etc. Felicia Day sure seems to have been there, and she's gone ahead and shared some of her 12-year-old self's video-game poetry. It's called "Avatar Isle," and it's a tribute to the Ultima series.

I know she's got her share of detractors out there, but as I've written in the past, I think a lot of Ms. Day. This kind of thing is why; it's a total goof, but it's a fun one.


    I find it rather hard to believe she wrote this at 12 years old

      It's pretty close to the stuff I wrote in grade 5 (10 or 11 years old) but writing was all I really had back then.

    I'm kinda meh about the whole thing, okay she wrote a poem.

    If this were any other guy we'd give 5 seconds of acknowledgement and move on. I'm kind of tired of Ms Day's far-reaching celebrity.

    Actor/writer/musician/etc indeed.

    Well that is a minute thirty of my life I will never get back. I am yet to see anything interesting from her, including her performance in Eureka. Maybe she just isn't to my taste.

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