Finally, A Decent Look At The Star Trek Game

If you're like me, you've wanted to actually see what the upcoming Star Trek tie-in plays and looks like. You have to put up with a lot of movie executive blather but there's a bunch of gameplay on display in this promo clip for the Digital Extremes-developed title.


    Last decent Trek games I remember were 25th Anniversay and Judgement Rites on the PC way back in the 90s... this looks alright too.

      Personally I was a fan of Elite Force 1 and 2, and even weird of Star Trek Armada

        The Elite Force games were completely alright :)

        I still play Armada, loved EF1 but didn't get into 2 that much, I also actually enjoyed Legacy, even tho is was kinda bad and really buggy.

        25th, JR, EF1, EF2 were all great (Ef1 & 2 are the only FPSs i play anymore, as after 18 years DN3D is starting to get a little old).

        I quite enjoyed Starfleet Acadamy as well, i lost a few of the CDs though (it had 5 if i recall correctly).

        Crap I forgot about Elite Force 1 and 2! My bad! Armada I wasn't too crash hot with. Legacy I didn't like at all.

    The audio sample rate in those game play clips is atrocious, hopefully it doesn't sound like that in the final product. Also the animation looks a little wooden.

      Yeah was looking it it and thinking, the animation is very flat, undetailed and jerky, mixed in with off audio.

      i love star trek but if this doesn't get better it will be a flop.

    Just a generic 3rd person shooter. Unfortunately, only a few Developers could actually do Star Trek justice. e.g. Bioware.

    I wonder how open or linear it may be.. I hope it takes some cues from Mass Effect with elements of space travel and sidequests.. One thing that I always felt Mass Effect missed an opportunity on is actually controlling the Normandy.

    Watching that, the graphics looks at that level where they're distractingly bad and out of date.

    When will people realise that the only good Star Trek game is as an FTL-style ship micromanagement sim? Handheld phasers were never the focus of any iteration of the series and every time they've tried it eg. those TNG movies with Beverley Crusher, it's awkward. Star Trek isn't Star Wars, there are no funky lightsabers or blasters which makes it a poor fit for action/shooter genres.

    Elite Force 1.. that brings me back.

    I avoided the whole star trek franchise/IP seemingly forever.. i mean it wasnt exactly cool was it. Then i played a demo of elite force and loved it. Bought the game and beat it twice. Realised that it was so close to the actual feel of the series (Voyager) that it got me watching that. Snowballed into watching DS9 and then TNG.. Never got into the original but I pretty much watched the whole ST franchise backwards :D

    away team was great, just putting it out there

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