Five Of The Best Attempts At Creating A PS4 Logo

On February 20, there's a good chance we'll not only get to see the PlayStation 4, but also get to see its branding. Stuff like the logo.

Unable to wait that long, Aussie company 99 Designs held a competition for users, asking them to come up with their own take. Being open to the general public, and not just professional designers, some of the submissions are woeful, but others look pretty good. Some could, were I posting this anonymously on a forum instead of here, convince you they're the real deal.

There are literally hundreds of entries, but I picked the ones here because they manage to do two things at once: stay faithful to the original, over-arching PlayStation family logo, while also providing something new and fresh, getting away from the simply "text outline" style that's been used since the PS2.

Create the logo for the PlayStation 4 [99 Designs]


    Five best? Really.. They all look atrocious and some aren't exactly making it easy to distinguish what they're promoting.

      Yeah don't like any of them at all. Even a little bit.

        If these are the best, I'd hate to see the worst.

        I'm sure Sony will come up with something better.

    Don't know what's up these guys' asses.
    I think they all look pretty good. I'd personally go with the 3rd design.

      nothing up anyones asses. The designs are fairly poor for a playstation.
      The only one i could see actually being used for a brand would be the last one and that would have to be like a gaming mouse or something.

      If by fourth one you mean the cube then yeah I don't mind that one either.

    The London Olympics wants their logo back.


    These are god damn terrible. The only one slightly passable is the third design.

    one even looks like the old gamecube design XD

    Why are they all that stupid french four instead of a normal four: 4

    I thought it was almost assured at least in Asia that the PS4 wouldn't be have the number 4 in its name as there is an east Asian aversion to that number because in Japanese and Chinese the pronounciation of 4 is a homophone of death, its called Tetraphobia.
    Building in Japan don't have a 4th floor and bigger ones even skip floors 40-49 etc.

    Just call it PlayStation...

    People will say get the new PlayStation. None of this 4 crap

    99designs is a blight on the industry; same goes for elance.

    If they're the five best designs I'd hate to see the worst ones...

    PLAY STATION 4, that is all they have to put

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