For $10, You Can Get Lightsabre Training

For two years now, a pair of fencing aficionados have been running Golden Gate Knights, a service that "offers experienced instruction in sabre choreography".

In other words, they teach you how to sword fight like you were in a Star Wars movie. One of the ones where people actually fight, too, not the old man shuffle from New Hope. So you can look less like this, and more like this.

These guys aren't screwing around. They've got a name for their method, which they call Novastar and Caine's Sabre Combat System (NCSCS), and as you can see above, they know what they're doing.

Classes are held in San Francisco, are $US10 per session and "No one is too old to begin the training". If you're nowhere near the Bay Area, they also sell DVDs.

Golden Gate Knights [Official Site, via IGN]

Comments even says it on the video...I hate you Luke Plunkett

      hey bro saber is the bastardized american spelling people who speak English spell it sabre

        You're right the English word is Sabre (like my name above), unless the context is Star Wars like here, then the word is 'Saber' blame George Lucas :P

        Last edited 23/02/13 9:06 pm

    I'd rather train with Egoraptor :P

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