For $25,000, You Can Have Your Own Giant RoboCop Killing Machine

This is, as close as we can get in 2013 anyway, a real version of RoboCop's famous ED-209. It's reportedly an actual Hollywood prop, built for RoboCop 2, and stands ten-feet tall.

It won't move or shoot executives in the face, but then, it's "only" $US25,000. A real executive face-shooter would surely cost a lot more than that.

I wonder if the "complete transaction" screen gives you only 10 seconds to comply....

Full-Size Robocop ED-209 for Sale: Only $US25K [technabob]


    I like to see what the Robocop (2014) reboot will look like.

      Wish granted.

        too spikey!

        Very much the modern style of "futuristic", but it just doesn't look like a practical machine that is truly "battlefield tested". Modern war machines look boring (jet fighters excepted) because it's just more useful to have flat panels and simple shapes.

          When the Robocop suit itself was first debuted, some people online accused them of stripping other suits such as Ironman and Batman down to their basic elements and just using that, plagiarising them at their base level. The creators said no that it was not true etc, that a lot of thought had gone into it. This picture proves them entirely wrong :)

    And yet, still has trouble with stairs.

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