For Some Bizarre Reason Jarryd Hayne Put On Some Crysis 3 Body Paint

And I'm just going to go right ahead and say that the reason was probably money.

Yesterday we saw that EA managed to convince an ex-Pussycat Doll to do the Crysis 3 bodypaint thing, but Aussies got stuck with Jarryd. I guess it makes a little more sense for relatively buff athlete to be body painted like this, to be fair, but still... bloody hell!

But yeah, I suppose the mainstream media eats this kind of stuff up! I actually live within walking distance of the Eels stadium. Go the Eels I guess!


    But he's always been a fan of *insert product name here* since the first one...

    Also Mark, i thought you would've lived in the northern beach suburbs like Kozicki...guess he eats more Doritos than you, so he afford to... :P

    FFS Mark, this is marketing, are you so god damn naive to misunderstand this is pure marketing? This is in no way, shape or form designed to convince you or me to purchase Crysis 3, we would have made our decision long ago, or when reading a review or playing it. This is for others in the wider mainstream community, who know Jarryd Hayne but may not be aware of Crysis 3. Exactly the same thing as the Pussycat Doll yesterday.

    Stop over reacting to marketing, you play into it's game by giving it oxygen.

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    Jarryd Hayne is a gamer at least. Don't know about Crysis specifically but he plays alot of FIFA.

    We'll probably need him in that suit to win any games this season.

      Yeah, I hear ya (another frustrated Eels fan)

    Money isn't that bizarre of a reason. I'm a history buff, and I can think of at least three other times people have done things in exchange for money.

    OMG this is so sexist!!! As a man I am so offended blah blah blah

    Now raping can be attached to crysis

    When is this shameful objectification of men on video gaming websites going to end? What do we have to do to be seen as real people, and not just warm-blooded mannequins or walking wallets? Those evil airbrush-wielding harpies just can't see through their female privilege to understand the damage they're doing! Poor Jarryd, being forced to prostitute himself like this - it's so sad to see a person reduced to earning money with their body and physical talents. I'm certain he'd be a top nurse or schoolteacher if he hadn't been forced out of those professions by the sisterhood working hard to protect their girls' club. Or something. A pic of the finished thing would've been nice... I guess leaving it out is one way to get some hits on the relevant sites.

      Ahhhh the old satirical comment taking the piss & further fueling the fire of the evangelist feminists by displaying your own lack of sensitivity to the topic of sexism in general. You're a clever one!

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