Forget Metroid: Other M, This Is How I Always Imagined Samus…

Forget Metroid: Other M, This Is How I Always Imagined Samus…

I didn’t necessarily have any issues with Metroid: Other M in terms of how it worked mechanically. On the contrary, I enjoyed it. But this fantastic piece of art, by poojipoo really illustrated the massive misteps Nintend and Team Ninja made with the character of Samus. She was reduced to a blubbering, indecisive mess when she really should have been like the Samus in this fanart: determined, efficient, brutal if need be. I love it.

I don’t necessarily believe the Metroid franchise requires a ‘gritty’ reboot, but if someone out there is working on a new Metroid game they should be hanging this picture somewhere in the studio. This is Samus. And it is amazing. I love everything about it.

You can check out more of poojipoo’s brilliant work here.

Thanks Michelle!


  • I must be the only person who always imagined Samus like in Other M. I mean, a girl raised by aliens, exploring alien planets by herself with no other human contact for months at a time, and you expect her to be well adjusted? Nope, shes gonna be all f d up.

    • My problem wasn’t the that she was f’d up, it was they took a decisive, action-oriented character, and made her a weak little girl who would rather die than defy the orders of her ‘daddy’. Whilst I think it was mostly accidental, her character was probably the most extreme bit of sexism I can think of in gaming.

  • One thing I loved about the first Metroid Prime game is that it felt like if a massive monster smashed out of the ground Samus looked at it, sized up it’s weak points, determined if she had the right equipment to take it down, then fought it. The only other character I’ve really felt that sort of, I dunno, stoic calmness? Was Batman in the Arkham series. The other common point is that Samus isn’t mute like say, Gordon Freeman or Link, she just prefers not to talk.
    That’s the main reason why I avoid Metroid: Other M. I’d been playing Metroid for years but Prime really solidified this character that I know Metroid: Other M wasn’t interested in portraying. This Samus seems a little too angry for me, but way closer to the mark.

  • Don’t blame Team Ninja for Samus in Other M. That apparently is how Yoshio Sakamoto wanted it, because that’s how he sees her character. And he’s the guy that created her in the first place… :\

  • also screw the zero suit….the fact that samus is properly armoured is one of her strong suit reduces her to fap material

  • I can’t be the only person who enjoyed Other M enough to play it twice? It’s a fun game no matter what Samus’ personality is like.

    • I haven’t played it through twice but I certainly found it a lot more enjoyable than what some others are claiming. And as far as Samus herself is concerned, it was nice to see another side of her. Sure the amount of speech in it might have been jarring to some, as historically Samus has said very little in the previous games (she did in fact speak before Other M, for example in the intro to Super Metroid, but whenever she did it was brief, and Other M was the first time you *heard* her speak rather than just reading text), but I didn’t mind it.

      Honestly the only thing that sort of annoyed me about the game was that most of her abilities were unlocked after her superior gave her permission to use them, which I found a little…odd. But I guess when it boils down to it, it’s no different to how the other games basically worked. Abilities are still unlocked at specific points in the game, the only difference being in the previous games you picked up an arbitrary item to do so. I recall the game not having as much backtracking as previous titles, too.

  • Other M was okay, I actually thought the Ripley boss fight was great and the supposed ‘wimpy Samus’ stuff made it all the more satisfying to beat him.

    • His name is Ridley, not Ripley 😛

      I just want them to hurry up and make another Metroid game with Kraid in it. most recent games seemed to have a lover affair with Ridley, with him appearing multiple times, and while I admit he’s a cool boss I’d really like to see Kraid given another go.

      Disappointingly I think Kraid was actually on the agenda for one of the Prime games…either the 2nd or 3rd one I think, because I’ve seen some concept art and early work that points towards it, but was ultimately cut.

  • Yah agreed, I hated what they did to Samus in Other M. Enjoyed playing it, apart from the bits where you had to stand and find one piece of evidence, clicking on everything. But they usually take much better care of their properties.

    They actually had her freeze in combat 🙁 And what’s with the obsession with the Zero Suit… Made no sense man.

  • I see Samus as like a space version of Sarah Conner from the Terminator series.
    She doesn’t break down crying, instead she might have healthy emotional purges occasionally so she can operate at peak efficiency.

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