Former Popstar Now Plays Video Games Up To 30 Hours Straight (Apparently!)

Former Popstar Now Plays Video Games Up To 30 Hours Straight (Apparently!)

Once upon a time, Maki Goto was a huge mainstream popstar in Japan. She was also a huge gamer and even appeared in Monster Hunter commercials in 2011. Now, supposedly, she’s just a huge gamer.

Goto’s private life had been rocky in recent years with its share of tragedies and at the end of 2011, she took a break from the entertainment industry.

Now the rumour is that Goto spends all of her time playing video games. “She’s always gaming,” a long time friend allegedly told Tokyo Sports. “During her long sessions, she’s playing up to 30 hours straight.” Goto’s games of choice, it seems, are Dragon Quest, Monster Hunter, and Animal Crossing.

And when Goto talks, her friend tells Tokyo Sports, that she only talks about video games. “I wonder when she sleeps,” the friend added. “As far as I can tell, it doesn’t seem like she’s going to return to work in show business.”


Goto’s gaming room, which she previously showed off on a Japanese variety show (above), supposedly has all her consoles, games, and walkthrough guides as well as a sofa bed, which she can crash on when she finishes playing. There’s even a small refrigerator that she can get drinks from if needed.

If true, this might be just the break that Goto wanted. Though, 30 hours? That sounds like work.

ゴマキ「ゲーム漬け」の日々 [Tokyo Sports]

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